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James Litvak
Charlotte, NC
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Looks like I got my login back. Anyway, I also noticed that the INS_HEAD function also fails to turn off ORTHOMODE if it was off prior to the command. You need to add in a symbol to save orthomode status, and another to save polar mode status, for example (setq opolar (boole 1 8 (getvar 'AUTOSNAP))). Then reset both at the end of the function and also include an error handler. You can reset polar mode like this: (if (= opolar 0)(setvar 'AUTOSNAP (boole 4 8 (getvar 'AUTOSNAP)))(setvar 'AUTOSNAP (boole 7 8 (getvar 'AUTOSNAP)))) It is very frustrating that HydraCAD keeps dictating my object snaps and other/polar status.
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2019 on Objectively looking at Object Snaps at The H-Factor
Would you mind explaining how to use a transparent modifier? I used to have a lsp file that would make '' (apostrophe apostrophe) be my mid-command command for "mid between two points" but for some reason it doesn't work anymore on AutoCAD 2011.
I've had trouble with my osnaps getting overridden since I started using HydraCAD 6 years ago. At first I would go into the Drawing Settings (DS) and reselect the osnaps I use every time. I eventually learned of a command to set osnaps without having to open the Drawing Settings dialog. It is called OSMODE. The command is entered followed by a number that determines which osnaps are selected. The individual indentifier for each osnap is available in the help file. The number for each desired osnap is added and the sum is entered after OSMODE. To further this solution, I made a shortcut key with the macro "OSMODE ##". For my own purposes, I use endpoint, midpoint, insertion, center, and node, which is OSMODE 47. I've mapped it to the shortcut key combination CTRL+R. So now, whenever I find that my osnaps have been turned off, or changed, I type CTRL+R and they all come right back. I've actually made the macro "^POSMODE 47" so that way it cancels out of any active command and then resets my osnaps. I've found this to be incredibly helpful.
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2010 on Objectively looking at Object Snaps at The H-Factor
I use Delete All on a Layer quite frequently. Its a fantastic command rather than isolating a layer, selecting everything isolated, and erasing it all.
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Jul 23, 2010