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You know I can't argue with you. This song is Quentin central. I can envision so many of his scenes hovering below this tune. It's nice and short, too, so he could have a nice little vision, montage, or character intro or outtro, play to the rhythms of the entire track. But there's one thing I've unfortunately gotta point out. Even if Quentin works with Travolta again - he won't be working with Travolta's hair, greasy or otherwise. "The Superficial," indeed.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2011 on A Song for Quentin at Dust on the Bookshelf
PS awesome post title. PPS one of these days I'll have to read the damn Bible. Help me through it?
I like your little quotation underneath the man here. I don't want to ask exactly the same question of you (nor, do I think, in the same tone), but perhaps something similar. You say you'd "still" recommend it (despite certain content), and then that it's easier than most Faulkner. I wonder, recommendation aside, what your experience of that ease is. Does this feel like a totally different Faulkner to you? Why did he make this one "easier", and is it nevertheless as compelling to you as his other work? I guess the experience of the last four pages did feel familiar to you, in that unresolved, unsatisfying sort of way. It's interesting - you do indeed seem something resembling unsatisfied, and yet you seem to keep coming back for more. So there's that part of you that "has to be satisfied with that" (and by implication is not fully so), and then there's that part of you that eats it up. Or is it that the style and structure and story of a Faulkner novel make up for what remains unsettled in the end? Or is there something about that kind of ending - even if perhaps not fully satisfying, especially considering the expectations we've come to have as consumers, etc - that strikes you as somehow true or worthwhile or "satisfying" in a less conventional sense?
Having been the reason for the early wake-up, I should probably at the very least try and answer what sort of worm I'd be, but I'm not really sure. Maybe a sandworm. The kind they use as fishing bait. If you're not careful, they can bite you pretty good. As for the blog title and books, I think bookshelves maybe seem like they're totally about books, but mine have lots more going on than just that, and half the time it's not the books on them but the people looking at the books on them, or the way they're looking, that matters most. And what's dust but collected bits of the discarded cells of myself and those onlookers?
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