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When he handcuffed himself to the White House he wasn't in the military. That's not breaking the law. Handcuffing yourself to the fence is but not the uniform itself. The FBI investigates all aligations of officer impersonations so why haven't they kicked in his door? While I don't agree with his wearing of the uniform at events either I side with the law. The Senator giving him a West Point ring can be seen as a gift. Choi graduated from West Point in 2003 so him wearing a West Point ring is not illegal. Since he received an honorable discharge he is entitled to his dress blue uniform but you're correct that it cannot be worn to a political rally. If you feel he was in violation of the federal law then report it to your local FBI field branch. I truly don't buy the story of the SGT being punched by Choi. I haven't found one source other than one image of a "power point" that I could do in 10 minutes. Yes I'm aware a combat patch does not mean honorable combat service but even men who served with him said he did great in the sand. I think you're just irritated that he is gay and wore a uniform at all and won't even think to give the guy a break. BTW once you're discharged the oath doesn't apply. You don't have officers appointed over you, nor do you have to follow the Presidents orders. He's not shitting on the uniform but he is on the policies that are forced on the military by politicians.
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He's a civilian now and UCMJ does not apply so he can wear any uniform he wants as long as it does not have rank on it. Since his uniform was completely bare, sanitized, you can't say he was impersonating an officer. That means he wasn't violating federal law. Just because people know him as Lt. Dan Choi doesn't mean he can't go to the surplus store and pick up an ACU. Does that make all of the kids who buy an ACU for paintball or whatever, criminals? Certainly not. Where is your proof that he assaulted an NCO? Do you have links to factual sources? If you're comparing a soldier who did his duty to those who committed war crimes then this discussion isn't going to go anywhere. Choi also got an honorable discharge so I'd say his military record is just fine wouldn't you?
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I'd like to point out to the author that while he was at the White House his uniform was sanitized. Therefore he was not wearing it illegally. I also wonder why the author feels it is so important to list in his mini bio that he wore his uniform "illegally" rather than stating he was an infantry commander and a combat veteran? This man served his nation and led men into battle honorably; lets not forget that.
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May 29, 2011