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I've just discovered this link to Kaufmann singing the Britten/Michelangelo sonnets. I'm bowled over all over again with his voice.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2014 on Jonas Kaufmann is pleased to see you at Intermezzo
It looks like he's doing something else....picking his nose would have looked better.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2014 on Jonas Kaufmann is pleased to see you at Intermezzo
I have to eat my earlier words about Franz Worse-than-Most. The orchestra sounded fantastic, Kaufmann was wonderful(when isn't he?), Stemme should stick to Wagner.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2013 on Jonas Kaufmann Dick watch at Intermezzo
Thanks for posting as I thought I was the only one who could sense the blindness of the progressive religious who think THEY have the fax line open to "god". As an openly gay man and atheist it drives me crazy when religious gays/lesbians fall for the snake oil that is keeping them from the full enjoyment of their civil rights. It's very similar to black Americans, many of whom are very fond of religion even as it was used to justify slavery and miscegenation. The truth is always better than fantasy.
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The Bastille Werther is where I first saw and heard when it was on Arte almost exactly a year ago. I didn't know anything at all about him, absolutely nothing, so I wasn't swayed one way for the other by the opinions of others. I did know I liked Werther having listened to recordings and broadcasts. I was in goosebumps the entire time. It was if he really did die at the end. (Massenet is so underrated; beautiful harmonies and orchestration.) That production is available on DVD now. I agree his voice doesn't have the "smile" others have mentioned and no voice can do all the repertoire with the requisite characterization and I'm not saying JK can do everything with justice, but the sound carries me along.
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2011 on Jonas Kaufmann takes over German TV at Intermezzo
What I like best about JK is the colors he brings to the singing. To hear this in the male voice is thrilling for me. Thomas Hampson does it, too. Just like the best sopranos, he doesn't' just stand and bleat like some very popular Italian tenors I won't name.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2011 on Jonas Kaufmann takes over German TV at Intermezzo
Religionists just have an a-hole, period.
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I agree with the first comment. Not having a chance to see much opera visually, it's disconcerting to see productions that are so ant-ethical to the intended directions written by the composer. I can understand the need for doing things differently, but I'm not sure that smashing the museum idiom is the way to go.
Listeners and readers will have another chance to hear Kaufmann in a non-operatic role written by Brahms. This weekend he performs Rinaldo by Brahms with Abaddo and the Berlin Philharmonic. You can listen live or in archive by subscribing to the orchestra's digital concert hall. If you aren't already a subscriber, you're missing a good opportunity for a convienient way to listen to live concerts on the internet.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on Jonas Kaufmann changes his mind at Intermezzo
This sums up the hypocrisy of the fundies in that they're willing to throw the baby our with the bathwater to obtain the political EARTHLY power they disdain when they talk out of the other side of their mouths. snip--It is one of the ironies of the sequence of cases dealing with religious symbols on public land that those who argue for their lawful presence must first deny them the significance that provokes the desire to put them there in the first place.
In one sense, if Obama were to make a speech like this, it could be considered like King's "I have a Dream Speech" given at the Lincoln Memorial, 46 years ago, with an important difference. It would be OUR gay/lesbian dream speech, outlining what I think we want: to be treated just the same as heteros are treated, under the law, with all the rights and benefits to correspond with all the taxes and responsibilities we are already observing.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2009 on Obama's major speech on LGBT rights at Citizen Crain
Perhaps by the time the glacially slow legal process has moved this case to the SCOTUS it will have a composition of justices. But as we've seen with the appointment of Sotomajor, Obama is NOT appointing people you'd think he would have considering his rhetoric during the campaign. Considering how Obama has handled the economy, kow-towing for Wall Street, Obama has proved himself to be Souter-like in reverse in that Poppy Bush thought he was getting a conservative when Souter was appointed. some of us who voted for Obama thought we were getting a liberal, when in fact we got a more articulate, smarter, and well-mannered version of a Republican.
If this case gets to the US Supremes with its current faith-based, Catholic conservative majority (even with Sonomajor, who's also Catholic) we can kiss our gay/lesbian future a fond farewell. I'd like to know some more details about the plaintiffs, their funding, and their legitimacy in filing this case. Google can't find a URL for American Foundation for Equal Rights as named in the article. These two lawyers are not cheap and to think of them combined as a team? Is this an April Fool's joke that missed the calendar? Is there a rivalry between Olson and Kenneth Starr who argued for the winning side of Prop-Hate which was upheld today by the Calfornia Supremes?
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