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Sounds like people made the right decisions -- it's trips like that which make some of the best memories, I think, not the ones where everything goes smoothly. Hardest part of dealing with bad weather is staying put when you know that's the thing to do. Out by myself I've tried racing storms a couple of times but I certainly wouldn't recommend it. Suddenly a canoe seems like the slowest thing on the planet.
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I think it's great that the wolves are back and doing well. I've never encountered them in the wild, but the possibility of doing that is a good thing, in my opinion. I'm not really in favor of a totally safe world. Most people today are like the elk you mention here, fat and careless. We could use some predators of our own to whip us into shape again. JimmyTH
Blaming the big predators for all problems ought to be a thing of the past. Considering the small number of wolves out there and the general competence of elk -- I'd imagine that none of them in good health are in terrible danger from wolves -- this shouldn't even be an issue. I've read some of the old accounts of how wildlife populations were treated in the old days, and the prejudice didn't extend only to predators. Pioneer communities literally beat the bushes to drive wildlife into killing zones, with the intention of wiping of them out, thinking that wild animals competed with domestic animals for forage. Turned out they don't even eat the same things. We should be smarter than that now. JimmyTH
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If somebody says there's no one correct way to deal with a problem is that a real answer? You get accustomed to dealing with blisters. Even if boots fit properly you'll run into situations that wreck your feet now and then. I always puncture blisters at the end of the day and I've never seen them refill (they will leak for awhile) or become infected. In SERE training the medics cut away all the loose skin, which seems to me like a horrible idea. Whatever protection you have, you should keep. I leave the loose skin on for a couple of days, let the tissue underneath harden up a little, then cut it off.
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I used to be a year round cyclist in Seattle, gave up using my car for a couple of years. I think I'd consider that dangerous now, especially in winter the caliper brakes didn't work most of the time so I had to trust the lights would be green on the downhills. Disc brakes are much better. Even though drivers didn't like it I always took my place in the lane, not at the side, when going through intersections. Lots safer to have people behind you and angry than cutting you off or blotting out the fact that you're even there.
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Maybe there's another explanation. Maybe he's a baker and he's just mucked up a new recipe, now he's figuring out what he did wrong.
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Jan 16, 2010