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Jamie Abbott
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Default I Like My netflix since I don't have TV and we have had it since 2002, I feel kinda bad I haven't cancelled because I value the 1400 or so ratings I have and expected a reversal of the really bad decision they made. I am a very profitable customer because I don't maximise my at home movies by watching and returning quickly but we too have seriously considered dropping them if this doesn't get fixed. what this doesn't address is the cost of a high speed connection and they have made the at home movies even more crippled by asking and extra fee for blue ray which don't stream . Hulu is doing OK but I am dismayed by the fact both Hulu and CBS require a Dish network log in to watch the next day . now if I were paying for commercial free I would be all over that but its not they have just as many if not more commercials than over the air and the nonsense on TV isn't worth what the asking price is.
I have been a member of Netflix since 2002 and the primary holding power has been the Indy films. I am very confused and seriously considering how to end my account my account but I feel trapped with my 1400 ratings the keep track of stuff I have watched already.
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Oct 4, 2011