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You are taking care of him better than you think- I'm sure! That sounds like the response of a man who knows it's been hard for you too. All this upheaval and stress. Merry Christmas friend. :)
I have dropped so many balls lately that I totally get it. My mother in laws christmas present sits unwrapped in my bedroom and I couldn't even face wrapping and sending it... I know I need to get it out even though it's already going to be late but the longer I wait the later it gets but... ggggahhhhh!!!! It's hard. I'm also glad you posted b/c along with all the perfect christmas letters and cards we get in the mail, we need to read about our friend's hard moments too so we feel a little more human when we drop the balls and that illusion of the perfect mom is less tangible. We all have our own personal standards that we want to reach, the traditions we want to hold on to and celebrate and make happen but sometimes they need to be modified and changed if one year is harder. I am learning that slowly myself as my life changes. Our kids are loving and forgiving and just tell them you're sorry and read them a story or take them to sonic happy hour or hug them or offer to sit and read their baby book with them. It will make you both feel better. I love you and am sorry you're having a hard holiday season. celebrate the "got 'r done moments" and forget the rest. Your friends dont' need handmade personalized gifts. We just need to see your happy smile at the library when we pop by and enjoy the stolen moments of conversation.
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2013 on Christmas Boulders at The English Geek
Amen. making me laugh has saved mark more times than I can count and saved "us" I am sure.
we don't have any pumpkins carved yet either! can't believe it and we're going to the play tomorrow night so no FHE activity of carving pumpkins this year... usually how we do it... AAAHHHHH How can it be Halloween already??/ That's how it's going! :) p.s. it is a beautiful fall. We took a sunday walk in the fallen leaves today. so much fun!
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Plus... GREAT picture. 2 of my favorite people looking fabulous. :) your hair looks great in that picture BTW.
YOU ARE GOING TO ITALY???? HOW DO I NOT KNOW THAT???? I am definitely too busy if I do not know such news. And.. you poor momma. Jake driving... so scary. I have another year before I have to do that again...
I totally get it.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2013 on It was the Empty Night Stand at The English Geek
It gets even weirder as they grow and take steps even further away from you and make grown up decisions that really don't require any input from you except support which is sometimes hard to give so maybe you give silence instead which doesn't make them happy. It's such a hard moment when you realize that REALLY it's time to shut your mouth unless THEY ASK for advice... sorry...I'm ranting a bit.... had a hard phone call yesterday.... I am glad Hailey is ok. Really you have it down. You choose to believe in miracles every day and believe in them and love them and pray for them the best that you can and let them ride ...ride... ride.... away to learn their own lessons. The alternative is a basement full of kids on the internet when you're 60.... not good! :) hang in there college girl momma....
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2013 on Strange Summer at The English Geek
probably not a common goal but then you are not a common gal! you know, (right?), that I mean that in every good way! I hope you share them with us. I've always liked Haiku. I didn't realize why before, never thought much about it I guess (not a deep thinker here..... ) but you're right it's because they invoke such powerful images by their smallness.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2010 on Wonky Frame and Summer Haiku at The English Geek
Everything IS better with cheese! (even slightly miffed customer service representatives......) Pour it on sistah' !!!!!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2010 on Ummmmm...Probably Not. at The English Geek
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Sep 21, 2010