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Jamie Lindstrom
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Love the art philosophy cart and the stamps went great with it!
I typed up a post but somehow my page froze so not sure it went through. I wanted to say that I believe you are truly inspired and what you are doing for the family is wonderful. And you inspire people all the time. I know you inspire me. I love reading about how you are with your kids and knowing about your wonderful relationship with your husband. I told my husband how I talked to you and told you some of what happened. And how you told me that you didn't judge me. I told him that I was really surprised since so many do, but I also feel you are a strong woman of faith. And the way you treated me and the things you said to me made me feel more worthy than I had been feeling. It made me feel like anything is possible in my marriage and family. It inspired me to take a closer look at my life and to work on changing to be a better person, mother, and wife. You are a very inspiring person and a wonderful person to talk to.
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I really enjoyed reading this post. I can tell you have been really inspired and feel what you are doing is wonderful. I think that you don't even really realize how much you, yourself inspire people everyday. I know when I read your posts especially about your family it always reminds me how special mine is to me and how to work on getting closer to them everyday and keep it that way. I see how you are about your children and your husband. I told my husband I had talked to you and told you some of what had happened and that I really felt non judged for once and that you were a strong woman of faith and that gave me faith in him and I after being treated the way I was by you.
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That is so sad! Prayers for that family.
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I'm so excited for you and jealous as well. Always have wanted to go to Australia. Good Luck with everything and find time to enjoy!
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Apr 20, 2011