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I'd do it for Watch Instantly New Releases - as in actual new to rental market New Releases, not just their recently acquired rentals. But no, not just for DVD's.
Set-top box. HD content On Demand. Throw some weight around with content providers until they get on the boat and supply full libraries. Creative programming. Special events - Free rental if you watch the film as a time-based event. Premiere a new film at 7:00 on Saturday for free. Toss an ad or two on the download, if it is free, I don't care. Once the download service is running properly - Have Red Envelope partner with film festivals! Offer the Sundance 2007 collection or River's Edge Film Festival 2007 collection. Partner with Without-a-box for a season pass to multiple festivals.
Less Bruce more support for Watch Now on Macs. Although, if there was a Live event near me, I'd probably like to know about it. Thanks.
I live in Paducah, KY and my return time to Bowling Green (3 hours drive) or Louiseville (4.5 hour drive) is 4 - 5 days. My delivery time is usually better at 1 - 2. I have complained. Between this and Watch Now not being available on Macs I am about done with Netflix.