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We shall soon leave the forum for some time and when I get sufficient comorade we shall create a unique e-mail.But you have to be contributing still at the forum,but not giving the public our developements untill the first action. JampackBrother.
Ok Vally this is my address.. I will get a new Simcard for those in Europe ok.And for those in Africa please send to me only Orange numbers cause MTN is not working. I am going to call all those in Africa tomorow as I received their numbers. Please hide your Identity, I know what I am saying.Cause I know what I ma going to do.I know how to contact people without any stress.There are spying us,especialy those living in Africa. OK Jampackbrother... No turning back ... Is time...
If you see a dog on top of a tree, know it is some who has put it there..!! Iraqi's brought the Americans into their country and now people say Americans should leave, Is a big, the person who put the dog on top of the tree, will surely put it down.The dog can never climb dawn alone,it might break it's limb If you want to put me up there you can do it now and the will be no suprise. JampackBrother.
Only one person on this Furum has ask for my e-mail address. You guys are not serious. I dont need any western Union Contribution No money from SCNC Are you ready, lets Exchange Informations? Please be very careful of letting out your identity.People on this Furum dont know how to contact others. Ask us, talk to expert like. JampackBrother.
Hi Rothers, Lets be careful in our actions and what we write.You guys say fight fight every day,but you dont atend even meetings in Europe. I came up last time with idea, shalow and low spirit writers like Rexon et al; could not open their eyes minds and reasond with me. Dont encourage people to fight when you can not. If you guys want action is very simple.I swear I can ask the student to go back to class,but action will continue. You just need to send a name and we shall assinate the individual point blank. Too much talk no fine; We are just enjoying the side by making comments freely. I am not afraid to give my contact to any one, who is willing to cooperate. We need no money from any one, I am in Europe and have the finance to carry out any action. What I need is colaboration and Unity. Southern Cameroon,Southern Cameroon for how long,it is shamful.My professor once told me Cameroonians enjoy corruption,that is why they dont protest for long against their leaders. Lambi has donne nothing, You can not kill a man for telling the truth, to face fact Paul Bya has donne nothing. If you guys are serious dirrect your mails to me and ask for Solutions,talk to expact like us and you will have the result.No studen will ever die. A police man will be other to shoot and he will disrespect his boss, I mean what I am saying. Love you all brothers and be serious. Jampackbrother Copnhagen - Denmark.
Since Motto joined the force, it has been a passage for him to haras and steal from people. I am not saying this because of hetrate or what,but I know him very very well. He should be tested for HIV if negative then God has given one more chance to change his life. He has barely few more years on earth.Cause the Nigerians at Edinau are planing him, the people in Limbe are planing him and his corps will be found some were shatered with bulets. Motto thief thief no fine, take life easy..!! Last warning..!!"" Small Eye.
Disapear or no disapear has got no impack on the battle to continue; The battle continue. Even Osama Bin Laden is in the hidding, so the Chairman of the Southern Cameroon is not an exception or a new case. If President Bush of the United State is not in hidding let him go to the market alone. What do we mean by some one is in hidding? Hidding in the real sense is been afraid thats all and out of the drama for some time. Paul Biya Mbi Vondor is in hidding too and all his gangs. We have to be or the Chairman has to be, because he is not caring and AK45 by his side.The police and Gendarms should come empty handed the we shall tell them were he is. He is studying case files for the Geneva and what step we shall take next. Inshort the Chairman is very bussy and not hidding. JampackBrother Copenhagen - Denmark.
If the JCI members are ready for the names then tell me and I will forward the names if only action will be taken. I will give a chance for today, so the Limbe chapter should examine themselfs and give account to you Mbeng.. The you tell me what they did, and if it is not satisfactory I will know were to unmasquerade '' On a big market day'' Ok you should ask Lyonga many questions; Since you are not currupt and you get to me. When you talk of names and dates; I can see how you think I am joking from the reliable comment I made above. Dont try to be ruler like your words, but draw a straight line now and I will help you let the cat out of the back. ''' Question Lyonga First''''' JampackBrother Copenhagen Denmark
Mami please choos people with Frundi and SDF. Political is very cheap to open in Cameroon, like the usual pufpuf and beans buisness for molyko.I am going to open my own and send my children and wife to london, and become reach too. Shame SDF, Bamenda Party. Jampack Brother Copenahegen Denmark.
Dr Agbormbai, I was expecting to see Mbella Mbape reapointed, please any idea why he was not? Hope you are doing well Dr. Stay blessed. Jampack Brother Copenhagen Denmark.
JCI is a currupt organisation comprises of ducky people, eating peoples money for the sake of visa and conferences. Please rembuse all those boys and girls you guys collect their money and did not register them only to frustrate them infront of the French Embassy in Douala and estorting money from the poor flooks. Jampack Brother Copenhagen Denmark Shame to JCI Buea.
Bamenda people said they dont want French; So what is their bilingualism about. We have cut them..!! SDF is finish, Ni John is the Mumbutu of the 21 century, he doesn't want to step down, Chair man, President for him alone. How many years Chair man today.. We have discover the asecret. Jampack Brother Copenhagen Denmark
Congratulations my brothers and sister anyway, but I am sorry the frustration on the path of the government has just started.We had those 25 and 24 points till today zero. Use your personal ditermination and forget about all this congratulations from the ministries and ministers. Please just turnd behind you and give a big thank you to FECA, I wish it was my time, then you guys will not received a kobo cause I will grap all the prices with my grade..hahahaha Congratulations once more and I thank FECA for helping our brothers.Long live FECA. Jampack Brother Copenhagen Denmark
Massa Prov Elvis, na your time, even me I suport you. But you are so calm to be send to the forest, you are so gentle be in the wildlife, you more qualified to be apointed as a forest guard, anyway how man go do. I how apointed you as the Minister Finance, if my cabinet member querell me, then we shall send you to the ministry of trade and Industry. Forest Guard should be too far from you Papa. Jampack Brother Copenhagen Denmark.
They dont want to pay Tax, soon they will say the government is not functioning well. Bamenda people pretenders. We have got their secret. Jampack Brother Copenhagen Denmark.
Rev Ayuk, Police or no police, that is the french system of intimidation.Dont worry just go on with your job.But I will advice you about some thing., Please in the name of the almighty God, dont drink or eat outside of your house; cause now they will only want to kill you. He will try to organise a party at the Governors office,please you should be sick when ever there is a party in your office,cause this party will be a timely programme for your elimination. We are going to send the our own letter to yaounde on your behalf,we shall look for the address of all the ministries and write to them from Europe withought asking them. God bless,Manoh..!!! Even for motuary people go thief oh oh God we are finish. Please Jesus come tomorow,cause next tomorow might be too late. Governor and Police na the same people oh oh God complice them one kill our humble city. Oh oh God, even chop for sick people we deh still thiefam..!! Oh oh God, na cause if your name na Mafany? So all Mafany are currupt thiefs. Oh oh God have mercy on them. Jampack Brother Copenhagen Denmark.