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Mad skills! Something I realized while watching was that hand lettering is not handwriting. Those letters and words are created using many more parts and strokes that they way we were taught to form letters in school. Good to know and practice.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2015 on Brush Lettering at Roz Wound Up
Thank you Roz. It is stunning to me how your account is both so straightforward and so elegant. I am experiencing so much of this right now with my mom. My brother has "opted out" as you say. Taking away the drivers license was horrendous. Moving her to a memory care assisted living facility very difficult for everyone but the best thing we could have done. Cleaning out the house was worse, so much stuff. Table cloths, place mats, linens, towels, seasonal decorations, glassware, dishes, and all the crafts she made: cross stitch, needle work, quilting, ceramics, the list goes on and on. So painful getting rid of all the things that represent her life. We also declined taking much of it as we are also not very sentimental about family stuff and I kicked the clutter habit when we built our new house three years ago but the temptation to begin amassing stuff again always needs to be kept in check. I did take a couple of boxes of stuff which I have packed away in storage. The irrational thought processes, the blurring of reality and not reality, her fears, and anxieties, always bad but exponentially worse now....watching her decline mentally is excruciatingly stressful and painful I have the added disadvantage of also being unable to deal well with the physical dysfunctions too. And yes, the amount of time it all takes, the stress it puts on me, my husband (God knows I would not have been able to deal with this without him!)is sometimes unbearable. Add to this situation that our 21 year old autistic son lives with us, and we love him unconditionally, but he has a host of OCD, anxiety and behavior issues and yeah my husband and I haven't been away for a vacation together alone since 1989 and as a family since 1998. I don't feel so bad now that yesterday I told my therapist that I was thinking of taking a year off from painting, exhibiting and entering juried show to concentrate on my sketchbook journaling because that's what was nourishing me most right now. I wish we had been able to prepare for all of this ahead of time, but even if I had wanted to my mom is a serious lover of denial and would never had admitted that she would ever need any of that pre-planning. We managed to squeak out POA and living will just before her cognitive functions would have made that more difficult to acquire. So I'm rambling and for this introvert to share this much is astounding. Just one more way these kinds of situations change you I guess. So any way Thanks for sharing Roz, it's just what I needed to read today. Hugs.
What a lovely reflection on November, a month that I've had a hard time making peace with! However, over the years I've come to appreciate its austere , solemn beauty and as you note, its piercing light which reveals without discrimination every texture and hue, every surface and shine. The woods are indeed more open and revealing, naked even, after summer's thick cloak of green. November is a hard month to love, but it too has its gems to offer if we will allow ourselves to see. Thanks for sharing your wise insights with us!
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