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TypePad HTML Email Kymberlie – I know that it’s not someone using my name. But, I’m not the one posting the comments, but am receiving the notices when someone else called “Jane”, posts a comment. The notices should be going to that Jane’s e-mail, not mine. Jane From: TypePad
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lilredbird - the only lame stream media coverage I've seen, has said: the "far right or extremist EDL" is demonstrating on the top of the building. At one site they ran an old video of a recent demo saying that EDL provoked violence. Main stream media is over - for good - they are too left to tell the truth. The most up to date, and honest reporting of world events, is at Atlas Shrugs or Jihad Watch. It's not surprising that the mainstream press is going broke - serves them right.
Bacon sandwiches being cooked on the roof top - brilliant! It's great they have a lot of provisions to last at least a month. Smart fellows at EDL. Of course the Muslims are behaving violently - much more is yet to come.
Oh the sense of entitlement of the left. Everything is up for grabs - from our countries to our pocket books. Who do these morons think are going to support their socialist agenda when our economies have been completely destroyed by illegals, and their drain on our health, education, and welfare systems? It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid AND evil people on the left are.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2010 on Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally NYC at Atlas Shrugs
Costin - Your views are so typical of today's world. You are asking the victims of this problem, to fix the mess. It's the Baron's and Vlad's responsibility to fix the mess. Not Pam's, Robert's or Pam Hall's. Regarding cooperation - did you actually read what Pam said in her post? Please do so. You have made assumptions that Vlad and the Baron wouldn't mind if videos of theirs were copied and edited. If that is the case, then why is Vlad so meticulous to ensure that the name Vlad Tepes is on all of the videos? Why does the Baron put his name on all of his articles, or the names of say Fjordman, or Engles on their articles? Obviously giving credit is an accepted practice at GOV. Therefore, why were the rules different for Pam, Robert and Pam Hall? Please explain the discrepancy to me. Look, obviously the Baron was pissed off that Vlad's videos were being removed from the internet, because a lot of time and effort went into producing the translated copies of Col. West's speech. I understand the Baron's and Vlad's frustration. But that did not give the Baron the right to make presumptions (aka accusations) about who had filed the complaints. Nor did it give Vlad the right to question the integrity of Pam's loyalty to the cause; and get snippy with the creator of the video, when it was Vlad who had taken liberties in the first place. Maybe neither you, Vlad, or the Baron, are in industries where protecting one's creative endeavors is important. But, I can tell you that anyone who gets off their backside to attend a conference; and takes the time to produce videos of the events in the role of a journalist, has an emotional investment in the final product. The creative efforts of others should never be taken for granted by anyone - even on the internet. Do you honestly think the Baron made those remarks for the good of his health? They were intended to offer an explanation to his readers, especially those involved in the translations, and cast the blame for the problems towards Pam & Robert. That's foul play in any language. You ask why make this public? It was the Baron who made this a public issue. The first error was Vlad's for not giving the appropriate credit. Stop and think Costin - all those translations and reproductions of a video created by Pam Hall - for which she was not getting any credit. As the parent of a creative son, and daughter-in-law, I know that it must of been agony for Pam Hall to see countless reproductions of her work in different languages, with no recognition of her efforts. Pam Hall must have felt like she was being slapped in the face - over and over and over again. That's not kosher in any language or any industry - including blogs.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
pakay - you are getting confused - I did not say those things. The name of the person who writes a comment, is at the bottom of the comment - not the top. I believe Costin made those remarks. I'm the one defending your right to protect intellectual property.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
Costin - This is not a difficult issue for you to understand. If Pam, Robert, or Pamela Hall had used work created by either the Baron or Vlad - neither of them would have been happy. In fact, we would have heard about it. Do you realize that you are defending theft? It's a disgusting practice to use the work of others without giving credit - even on blogs. I have a son who is a journalist, and a photographer. I fully grasp how frustrating, and infuriating it is to put hours into a project, to have it used by someone who takes the credit for the efforts of others. There is absolutely nothing good about this. In fact, it shames Vlad for doing it in the first place, and the Baron for attacking the wrong people in his efforts to defend Vlad. It no longer matters that so many people saw the videos. The effort was tarnished the minute the videos were used without recognition of Pam Hall,Pam and Robert. A simple link, along with acknowledgement of the creator, would have made the project an honorable one. Sadly, that is not the reality now. I quote you: "instead of doing the work that is needed so much..." What exactly are you doing Costin? Who are you to judge these people. Did you organize the conference? Did you pay for it? Did you take the time to shoot the videos? It doesn't matter that blogs are supposed to be an open forum - this is about common courtesy and respect for the intellectual property of others. The majority of people who run blogs give credit where it is due. That's being decent, and having ethics. It would not have taken much effort for Vlad to give credit to the appropriate people on those videos. It would have been more ethical if the Baron had kept his mouth shut, and not falsely accused Pam and Robert of doing something that they didn't do. Direct your misplaced anger, and reprimands exactly where they belong - towards GOV.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
Sandering - I'm really glad you posted the story at GOV. You are certainly right that Pam is beyond reproach. "Hagia Sophia was immediately transformed into a mosque." That is exactly what Islam intends on doing with our important sites. You are absolutely correct that the dispute takes away from valuable energy focused on true evil. These disputes are such a monumental waste of time, and no doubt are exhausting and time consuming, for the victims who are forced to respond. Unfortunately, Pam, Robert and Pam Hall had no choice but to divert their time to this issue. Hopefully, the matter will be corrected by the Baron, and Vlad, sooner than later. Thanks very much for the links - terrific pictures that foreshadow our future, if we don't deal with the the most important problem of our time - Islam. Interesting read on your way to Constantinople. No wonder you were sad.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
Sandering - terrific story & worthwhile message - I hope you posted the story at the source of the problems - GOV.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
Bill - Thank you for your comments - they are appreciated. Of course you are right that this cause is far too important to have these rifts. People are working so hard in the anti-Jihad movement - voluntarily; at personal expense; and risk. Long hours are put into this fight, and in many respects it is a thankless job. There's always someone with a complaint that things could be done better. I know that Pam's readers genuinely appreciate her efforts. But, understandably few can fully grasp the exhausting, and time consuming work that goes on behind the scenes. I honestly don't know where Pam gets her energy. It was cruel of the Baron to harm Pam publicly with false allegations; and it was cruel of Vlad to question her integrity in this cause. Pam is honest, sincere, and dedicated. She is utterly amazing, and is a real hero. That goes for Robert too, as he is a champion in this movement, and does not deserve to be maligned either. Every ounce of recognition that Pam and Robert have received, has been earned with blood, sweat, and tears. It takes very special people to devote their entire lives to the anti-Jihad movement; sacrifice family time; be continually criticized, and frequently threatened - yet they still push on. There aren't many of us who could do what these two people are doing. Judging from Pam's comments about Pamela Hall, she is just as driven. In the meantime, the majority of us dabble in the movement by writing letters, posting on blogs, or attending some demonstrations. None of us has the right to criticize the efforts of such valiant people, or use their work without giving full credit. I hate injustice Bill, and this entire situation stinks of it. I don't know why the Baron chose to make this a public issue, and make false accusations. Nor do I know why Vlad didn't give credit where it was due; or why he made such terrible remarks. I can only hope that both of them will come to their senses; correct the problem in terms of credit; and make a public apology to Pam, Robert, and Pam Hall. That is the right thing to do. Hopefully your messages to the Baron will bear fruit.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
Every time I read Pam's heading "Remaking the Public Square" I think of beheadings in Saudi Arabia's public square. Coming to us soon no doubt, unless we stop this disgusting ideology in its tracks.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Islam: Remaking the Public Square at Atlas Shrugs
Bill - Why are you making excuses for the Baron? It was the Baron who went public first - not Pam or Robert. Pam never would have gone public, if she hadn't been forced to by the Baron's lies in a public venue. The Baron, and Vlad have created this problem themselves. First, with the copyright infringement, and then falsely accusing Pam and Robert. Pam and Robert have every right to defend themselves. Nor can they allow a public slander to go unchecked. It must be addressed in the venue in which the slander occurred. Pamela Hall has every right to protect her work. No doubt, the Baron and Vlad want their work protected. So why is it wrong for Pamela Hall? You need to ask the Baron why he chose to attack Pam and Robert in this manner? What's the motivation, because quite frankly none of it makes sense to me. The Baron isn't a stupid man - he knows about copyright infringement, and he knew that Pam and Robert didn't file any complaints. Why now, why this? Is the Baron upset that Pam and Robert got SIOA? Did their stunning conference in DC bother his ego? I can't help but wonder if jealousy is at the root of this attack. I realize that the Baron's people put a lot of work into the translations of West's speech. No one is disputing that, and no one was trying to steal GOV's or Vlad's thunder. But, for crying out loud, there was a legal AND ethical obligation to give credit where it belonged. The video wouldn't have existed in the first place if it hadn't been for the efforts of Pam, Robert and Pamela Hall. To add insult to injury - falsely accusing people!!! AND Questioning their integrity in this cause!!!! That's really low. This demeans Vlad and the Baron. Their readers have a right to expect better behavior from them, and see a public apology. Furthermore, Vlad isn't stupid. Surely he knows about copyright issues. So, why the attack on Pam's integrity, when he was called on it? Instead of saying sorry, I was wrong, as he should have - did Vlad go on the offensive and attack others to mask his inappropriate behavior? Why couldn't he apologize? Again, none of this makes sense to me. Bill you are directing the criticism to the wrong people. You've said you have written to the Baron. It will be very interesting to see whether or not an apology is forthcoming from the Baron, and Vlad. If not, then their credibility will take a nose dive. I understand that you want peace in the anti-Jihad movement. G-d knows there are enough problems to deal with in this movement. Do you honestly believe that Pam, Robert, or Pamela Hall have the time and energy to spend on this bs? They put their lives on the line, and work exhaustively fighting Jihad. They are busy people, focused on saving the West. They don't need this crap. If you are upset, put the blame where it belongs - at the feet of the people who provoked this issue in the first place.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
Shame on Vlad for not giving credit where it is due. Shame on GOV for posting lies about Pam & Robert. What's with that - are the hits over at GOV low, and they needed to stir up some s**t? According to Vlad - Pam's "interests are not of the cause"? What's with that crap? No one, and I mean no one, works harder for this cause than Pam Geller - in fact she's at it 24/7/365. This I know is true. It doesn't matter what time of day I write to Pam - she's awake and working her ass of - even at 3:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. It doesn't matter how late she works, she's still at it during the day - all day. Frankly I don't know when she sleeps - if ever. Furthermore, no one is more generous with her hard work than Pam is. It's very unfair of the Baron and Vlad to attack Pam and Robert in this fashion. In light of their behavior, one has to assume that Vlad's and GOV's "interests are not of the cause" when they can pull stunts like this, and untruthfully malign Pam and Robert. There are more than enough issues within the anti-Jihad movement without this crap. Both of them owe public apologies to Pam, Robert, and Pamela Hall. Whose side are these people on anyway - Charles Johnson? Is jealousy at work here? If so, they need to grow up. Both Pam and Robert have worked hard for their reputations. They have put everything on the line for this cause. When Vlad and GOV put in as many hours as Pam & Robert do - then maybe they will be as well known and respected as they are.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
A beautiful and inspiring speech Pam. It's great that it's in printed form. I'm passing it along to everyone I know.
Of course you are right Barbara Welch. But, the majority of politicians throughout the West continue to do absolutely nothing - or worse finance, appease, and facilitate Islam. Despite the preponderance of evidence proving that Islam is a sick death cult, it is given a pass no matter what obscene atrocity is committed. Things are escalating at a rapid pace thanks to the traitor in the WH. I firmly believe that Obama has courted all of our enemies so that they can be used against those who want to protect freedom, and western civilization - wherever they are located - in the U.S. Israel, Canada, or throughout Europe. Indeed, very troubling times are ahead. Thank G-d for courageous souls like Pam, Robert, Wilders, and others. They are the true leaders of the 21st century. Without them, there would be no hope.
Congratulations Pam & Robert. Your courageous and tireless efforts are paying off. Thank you for everything you do.
These are Obama's buddies. He won't do a damn thing to stop it.
I'm with Cate & chuck - Israel is deliberately being set up for slaughter. The U.S. under Obama & Clinton, is going to try and do to Israel, what was done to Kosovo. Laura - Haaretz is a disgusting leftist rag that continually works against Israel. According to some reports, Haaretz is presently involved in a spy scandal. The last time I checked on the story, I read that their editor is holding onto sensitive documents that could seriously harm Israel if released. If I remember correctly, the editor is in hiding. If you want conservative news from Israel go to Arutz Sheva.
Revnant Dream - Thank you very much for the link. I'm all for Canada acquiring nuclear weapons, and I'm in the east. It's time. Russia poses a serious threat to Canada. But, in my opinion Obama is far more dangerous. I start each day hoping to discover that impeachment proceedings are in the works against the sob. If allowed to remain in power until 2012 - there will be nothing left of the U.S., the West, or Israel.
Revnant Dream - Where have you read that there is a push for Canada to go nuclear? Please provide a link to the information - thanks. As a Canadian, I'm very interested in seeing the articles. You are right that we cannot trust Obama.
Kaffir_Kanuck - It has been reported to the authorities. The Ottawa Citizen has written about it. Michael Coren is going to interview the victim tomorrow. What more proof do you need? What law will have its day? Justice no longer exists in any western country - criminals are treated like victims, and victims are treated like criminals.
Your comments are completely irrational, and obviously motivated by blind hatred. Why wouldn't I stay, and try to defend my country? Leaving is the coward's route. Are you going to run from the U.S. now that Obama is in power, because you are in danger too? If you continue to vote Republican is that supporting a losing cause too? Do you actually read your comments? You are blaming every single Canadian - that's just damn stupid. Again, should I blame every single American for Obama's presence in the White House? You are quoting Susan Cole? She's a complete moron, and does not represent all Canadians. Should I tar all Americans with the same brush, because of stupid statements made by Sharpton, Rev. Wright, and Obama. Come on man - think!!!! Your blind hatred is clouding your judgment. Furthermore, if you actually believe that Canada had so much power, that it was able to change the world with the Liberal mindset, then you are seriously exaggerating Canada's influence on the world. It's the U.S. that has shaped the world, most definitely not Canada. But, now that Obama's in the White House, I guarantee you that his Marxist/Muslim American values are going to destroy the world. There's plenty of proof of that in his short term in office. Anti-Semitism is on the rise, because of Obama. Long term allies have been thrown in the garbage, in favor of Islamic tyrants. Israel has been betrayed. Using your approach, then you and every single American, including Pam is to blame for the actions of Obama and the Democrats. That's sheer and utter stupidity. For crying out loud - Think!!!!
Guy - your rabid hatred of all Canadians, is just as bad as the rabid hatred of all Americans that was/is exhibited by Canada's Liberals. There is no room for such hatred, or broad generalizations from either side. Did every American support Obama? Of course not. Nor did every Canadian support the Liberals. Amongst many Canadians, including me, Trudeau, Chretien, and Martin were despised. We hated Trudeau's love fest with Castro. We hated the anti-Semitic policies of the Liberals. I never voted Liberal in my life, yet I've had to put up with their disgusting policies. Now America is in the same position Canada was in for many years. Obama, a communist Islamist has been elected President. Obama is destroying America, and the West. Should I blame all Americans for Obama's Presidency, particularly when he is going to do far more damage to the world than Trudeau ever did. Of course not, because it wouldn't be rational.
Guy - Your hatred of Canada, and Canadians is truly disgusting. Ultimately you will drown in your own arrogance.