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Jane Daly
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Lovely post! Perfume is my earliest memory of my mother and my dear aunt who was like a mother to me. My mother wore Shalimar and Replique, then later Chanel 22, Nahema and Oscar de la Renta. She hasn't worn perfume in many years and had a disastrous experience with reformulated Replique. I recently got a vintage 1970 Shalimar edc for her- she opened the bottle, put some on and nearly wept. She said she felt like she'd been transported back in time. She is enjoying it immensely. I remember playing on her dresser and that Guerlain Montre bottle with the conical cap. My aunt wore MANY perfumes, and her whole house smelled like the ground floor of a department store. Femme was one of her favourites. She also wore Arpege, Coriandre, Lumiere, and when the big 80s perfumes came along she was in heaven. Giorgio was her favourite but she wore Poison too. She bought me l'Air du Temps, and always got me the body products, telling me that perfumed baths and powder were the ultimate luxury. I recall shopping with her once & she stopped at the Dior counter to buy Diorissimo. I knew she never wore that and asked her why she was buying it. "Why to spray on my lightbulbs of course!"
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Apr 21, 2011