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Jane Eichner
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Good for you! It was a similar sitch with me. That one, final instance when something went 'click.' If I might ask, how did you end it? Also, how did she take it?
I was always walking on egg shells around her. Never knew when she might get angry over some perceived slight. I guess, on some level, I was re-creating elements of my chaotic childhood by being friends with her; my mom was an unpredictable, critical person too. But now I'm trying to choose healthy folks for friends. Learning to be kind to myself! :)
Recently got out of a toxic friendship, and, guess what? I didn't implode! I'm actually ok...and feeling kinda proud of myself for having had the courage to do it. I like what you said above about not being "broken." We're hurt, but hurts can heal. Gives us all hope.:)
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Aug 11, 2011