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May I just throw a note of caution into the screaming and outrage? The Exclusive Brethren here are being confused by everyone including the reporters of the item in question with the Raven - Taylor Hale Break away. Exclusive Brethren today reject the extreme views of this group, most having broken away from them after witnessing the appalling and hypocritical behaviour of Taylor jnr. in Aberdeen. Today the 'Exclusive Brethren' as we choose to call them agree with most other 'Plymouth Brethren' in not having an established 'leader' of their faith. None of the groups associated with Open or Exclusive Brethren sanction anything that the Raven- Taylor Hale group say or do. Please get your facts right before you start pouring your misinformed outrage on small groups of people who whether we like it not, have the right to believe what they wish. Me? I am the daughter of an ex Exclusive Brethren member. He was somewhat heartened when Taylor's actions caused most of his family to take a considered step away from the Taylorites. For one thing, I got to meet my Granny. Contrary to popular belief. The Exclusives for the most part, unlike the Taylorites, do allow contact with family outside the faith. We were not allowed to break bread at the Lord's supper with them or attend meetings but none of us cared a whit about that. We were allowed to visit now and then for lunch or supper and we even spent the night on one occasion. They came to see us too. I won't say the visits were fun or happy. Granny kept spouting scripture and trying to convert my Mum and reclaim her 'lost' son. But we did get to see them and meet assorted cousins and aunties and uncles. It was not all bad. They were, setting aside the rigid, fear mongering faith, surprisingly warm, kind and generous. Suffice to say the Exclusive Brethren have rejected most of the teachings of their former leaders harking back as far as Taylor Snr. They still accept a lot of Raven's teachings and like all Plymouth Brthren think the sun shone out of Darby's backside. The group being featured in this report are not Exclusive Brethren. They are Taylorites.
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May 11, 2013