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I'm the Janet that sent the email in for this post. I haven't been stealing the discs. (And I don't appreciate that even being suggested.) I sent the discs back from 3 locations--my mailbox, the blue box at Walmart, and at the Post Office. I had lost the red envelopes for some, so I would put 2 in an envelope. Netflix would mark that they had received 1 of the discs from the envelope. When I would complain that I sent both discs in, they would use the whole "someone is stealing them from your mailbox" routine. I would explain that the discs were in the same envelope, and they would say that somehow the envelope must have come open. They would then go on to say that one of the discs must have gotten lost when the envelope opened, while the other (miraculously) got there within 2 days from leaving my house.
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May 27, 2011