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Copyediting a recipe for Steak and Eggs for a breakfast cookbook, I was so concerned with making all the egg cooking instructions consistent that I somehow missed that there was no steak in the recipe. Oops! In my own defense, there was a death in my family that week, so my mind was elsewhere. But a freelancer has to make the deadline, no matter what happens in their personal life. That editor never assigned anything to me again. But then she left the company so I eventually made it back on that publishing house's copyeditor list.
I have Mac Office 2011 and the Visual Basic trick didn't work for me, but maybe it's a different key command? The key command you listed above (Alt-F11) resulted in adjusting the audio settings. Carol, you are doing god's work. (Note the lowercase.)
Hi Carol, Yes, how do you do this on a Mac? I have a 350-page MS due on Friday with all sorts of numbered and bulleted lists. Consider, perhaps, issuing a call for a Mac expert among your readers to help out with this type of thing. Another big fan of the Subversive Copy Editor, Jane
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Jan 9, 2013