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OMG! You guys are too creative... (Hope the house gets fixed soon!)
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Aug 13, 2012
How do you feel this relates to, Craig? Would love to hear your thoughts!
To be honest, I don't think there IS a "simple" way to learn Tarot, only because there are 78 cards--each representing profound archetypes and myriad everyday activities and states. The best basic book that I've come across is The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Tarot by the Tarot Channel's Editor in Chief, Mark McElroy. There is more than one learning style, so some learn better by doing--and in groups. It all depends on what you prefer. My students are reporting amazing discoveries and peace of mind in my Tarot Classroom: This is because they not only do extensive assignments using my 7 Clue Method, but get the benefit of reading everyone else's homework--and asking questions of both me and their classmates. My book Back in Time Tarot helps individuals start with their own memories and events, and then work outward TOWARDS the cards--forging personal, relevant meanings: Check it out and see if it appeals to you (there's a free sample on my website to show you how it works). Also, there are free Forums like the Tarot Guild which has reading exchanges for those learning the cards, as well as opportunities to ask questions from pros and fellow newbies alike: It really depends on how you best like to learn--but the Tarot isn't a language that one becomes fluent in overnight, that's for sure. There's always more to learn! :o) Best wishes, Janet
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Isn't that a fun deck, Ria? Thanks for stopping by The Tarot Channel and sharing your experience with the Oracle Tarot! Janet
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Jan 19, 2010