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Fascinating discussion, and I'd never really thought much about this. Here's another snippet to consider: Thorin said that before the dragon, even the least well-off dwarf in Erebor had money to spend and to lend, and they both took human apprentices and accepted commissions from distant kings. They crafted everything from toys to musical instruments to jewelry to weapons and armor. So it sounds like the general population of dwarves was quite economically active in the region, in creating, spending, and lending wealth and spreading knowledge. Jackson's film makes much of Thror's personally hoarded wealth and his own similarity to Smaug, whereas the book implies that it was more the wealth of the community as a whole that attracted the dragon. Another difference between book and movie that might affect the economic analysis is how many dwarves survived Smaug's initial attack. In the book there are very few: Thorin, Balin, and a few of their companions, and Thrain and Thror. In the movie, we see a great disapora of hundreds of dwarves.
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Gorgeous pattern, and so me. I generally go for shirts-and-skirts rather than dresses so I can avoid my low back waist fitting problem, but I see long slim summer skirts matched with shirts in the same color or print in my near future...
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Aug 9, 2011