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Janet Forrest
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I am so heartened reading this thread! I am a vegetarian grandmother with a veg daughter and she's raising her girls veg as well. They are 3 and 7 (almost) and have never had meat. Although we are not vegan, we get as close as we can. Even vegetarians can be junk food junkies! We work hard at keeping nothing but whole foods in the house, and the girls have a wonderful base diet, but they still love their carbs, fats and sugars and prefer them over vegetables, given their choice. Our lunch and dinner rule is veggies first, then the rest, and it's worked well. Our hope is that by the time they are out in the world w/o us, they will still make healthy choices, since obesity runs in our family. Good for you for being dedicated to changing your family's diet for the better! If more people do that, we'll find the health care costs in our country going down significantly!
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Aug 9, 2011