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I just want LINDA to know that I do exactly the same. . .go from project to project to project! It works for our brain, and we get lots, and lots done! Don Aslett's "How to Have a 48 Hour Day" convinced me there is nothing wrong with our method. . .our brains are just wired different than "type A" folks. . .LOL! We also, after 10 years, went from a Fiver to a Motorhome. . .no regrets! We didn't downsize though, so that is going to require some adjustments I am sure. Continue to enjoy the journey.
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This year, we started our 16th year of full time RV life. Our first 10 years were spent with a big F550 with a hauler bed, and large condo on wheels fiver. Loved every minute of that journey, but transitioned into a motorhome 6 years ago. . .no regrets. . .NONE! Wishing you all the best moving forward!
Love your plan. Have been following you guys since your post on Niagara Falls. Way to go!
I don't know anything about the rubber squares you bought, but if they don't work out, I do know the horse mats sold at Tractor Supply are designed to hold up under thousand of pounds of horse. It's what our friends use for jack pads under their Phaeton. We cut them down (with a utility knife) and use them as vibration dampeners for the washer. I've had an electric pressure cooker since 2009. . .one of my I won't be without tools. . .I feel sure Linda will find she likes it more and more as she goes along. I turn mine on (dry) with a little oil in the bottom to the beans setting (that's the longest time setting on mine) brown whatever meat I will be cooking. . .then add the liquid, and reset the cooker to the time I need. Have fun. Janice Williford Evans Evans Escapades on Facebook
You are a blessed man indeed to have had such a wonderful Dad. . .may continued and blessings and comfort be with you.
I have read your blog for the longest time, but rarely comment. . .this post really touched me. . .and my heart hurts for you both. Reading your comments of not knowing the stories in the home movies makes me realize the importance even more of documenting the journey. We've cleaned out two of our parent's homes. . .Dave's Mom and my Dad which somehow makes me contemplate each decision we make with the thought. ..the boys will need to deal with this later. . .so things I consider treasures will have no meaning whatsoever to them. . . Please know we are thinking of you. . .may peace surround you. . .
I love old Merry Go Rounds. . .such an iconic piece of history. . . we loved meeting up with you guys. . .great fun together. . .lots of laughs. . .see ya down the road at the next eating place. . .
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2013 on Heritage Museums and Gardens at Living Our Dream
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wow. . .you saw a lot of amazing things in the museum. . .I always love the dioramas, and being an artist, of course I love all the scrimshaw work. . .really great stuff!
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2013 on New Bedford, MA at Living Our Dream
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oh Margery. . .if only I could have been sitting beside you in that Adirondack chair. . .we could have solved the problems of the world. . .so lovely!
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ah. . .more good eats. . .and great company! I enjoyed walking along with the two of you and Freeway. . .
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2013 on Carriage Roads Revisited at Living Our Dream
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We had such a great time visiting, and eating, and comparing notes with you guys. I'm posting a link so folks can see how Bar Harbor looks from Bar Island. . .since I was too lazy to walk over there and get pics for myself. . . Very nice, Janice
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2013 on Bar Island at Living Our Dream
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ugh. . .yup. . .we've seen that ugly sight too. . .and of course the warranty company will only replace the cooling unit. . .good luck!
we're having such a great time visiting and comparing notes with you guys. . . Janice ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2013 on Salisbury, NH to Bar Harbor, ME at Living Our Dream
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the photo of the North Bridge framed by the tree is just fabulous. . . glad you told the clam story here. . .but it's funnier when you tell it in person. . .LOL!
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2013 on Lexington and Concord at Living Our Dream
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very cool. . .I love anything artistic. . .
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ugh. . .I just hate it when that happens. . .glad y'all survived it okay. . .
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2013 on The Basin and Artists' Bluff at Living Our Dream
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wow. . .what a beautiful place!
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2013 on Flume Gorge at Living Our Dream
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oh goodness. . .oh goodness. . .those days are just the pits. So, so thankful there was no damage to the jacks. . .
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ha ha. . .I could bearly contain myself reading about it. . .LOL!
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2013 on Vermont Teddy Bear at Living Our Dream
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that does look like a great place to relax and unwind. . .enjoy! We are NOT in one of those relaxing and unwinding parks here in the Northeast. . .Lord help us. . .LOL! Janice ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog
There's an Amish tour about 45 minutes from where we are. . .not quite as far south as you guys. . .we're thinking we'll go check it out next week. . .hope they have some goodies too!
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2013 on Good Eats in Amish Country at Living Our Dream
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You guys find the neatest things. . .loved Cumberland Falls. . .just awesome. It's a build up for Niagara. . .right?
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that looked like a really great hike. . .
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fabulous pics. . .definitely God's country!
Wow. . .you guys had a spectacular day on Trail Ridge Road. . .and were very fortunate to see the male Bighorn Sheep. . .we were there all summer and never saw them. . .really great to ride along for a return trip on your journey. . .thanks! Janice ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog