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Janice Miura
One life. :)
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It's the little things in life that you do that make me so lucky to have you. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime, for being you, and everything else inbetween. Just a few more months till you come home. Love always, Janice Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2010 at Life Begins at 23
Ask any military spouse whose significant other is deployed and they will tell you that a long-distance relationship is not easy. It's not knowing if they're ok, not knowing when you'll hear their voice again, or wondering how everything will be when you see them again. So imagine my nervousness in meeting Rick after seven months of not seeing him. But it was like nothing had ever changed...other than his hair cut. For Rick's 16-day r&r from Afghanistan we decided to meet in London, then travel to Bath, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Paris. And it was the trip of a lifetime!... Continue reading
Posted Aug 30, 2010 at Life Begins at 23
After months of looking, I've finally found MY wedding dress! And I will admit that wedding dress shopping is not as easy as they make it look on television. I must have gone to six different dress stores and switched in and out of so many dresses that my legs were starting to sweat! And when I finally found my dress, I had to go back three times to make sure it was the one I wanted...before I even ordered it! Finding "my dress" wasn't easy, especially when you add family members to the mix. They want the best for... Continue reading
Posted Jun 6, 2010 at Life Begins at 23
When Rick first proposed to me I started to dream of Las Vegas and Elvis Presley, and playing Craps in my wedding dress until 5 in the morning. But last week, this dream came to an end. Rick and I put a deposit down on a little chapel in Waikiki. And a reception room in the Hilton...and the two-tier traditional wedding cake, 180 dessert bites, and one-tier tuxedo strawberry cake...and the wedding dress. It seems that this past two weeks, I have been making so many deposits that my credit card is panting for a breath. But I would not... Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2010 at Life Begins at 23
I've always known that I wanted to experience as much as possible in my lifetime, and with my birthday a few short days away, I started to reflect on this. And right now, all I can think is, "Geez, I haven't done anything!" So in order to help me start checking things off my Bucket List, I think it should be proper to start listing them! (In no particular order, and definitely an unfinished list) 1. Marry the man of my dreams (will check off January 2011) 2. Have two Huskies 3. Name a star 4. Be in two places... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2010 at Life Begins at 23
Sometimes family can make all the difference. (Christmas Day 2009) Continue reading
Posted Jan 3, 2010 at Life Begins at 23
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Dec 28, 2009
December 23, 2009 started off like any other day - wake up, go to work, finish work, go to my house to shower, then off to Rick's. That night Rick wanted to go out and recreate one of our first dates, going to CPK and walking along Waikiki Beach. So we went to the same CPK that we went on our date on, and everything was going great. Because it's the holiday season we also decided to go to Honolulu Hale and see all of the city lights prior to walking along the shores of Waikiki Beach. Honolulu Hale isn't... Continue reading
Posted Dec 28, 2009 at Life Begins at 23
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Dec 13, 2009
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Dec 13, 2009
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Dec 13, 2009
Christmas time has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year, the others being New Year's, Thanksgiving, or any holiday where I don't have to go into work. But Christmas is always fun because there's Santa, reindeers, AND GINGERBREAD! Why they make gingerbread only once a year I don't know, I'd eat it every day if I could. So needless to say, once I saw that Costco started to sell gingerbread houses, I went bonkers. Every trip to Costco would have a, "Rick can we please buy this?" while pointing to the gingerbread houses. And everytime there would... Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2009 at Life Begins at 23
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Dec 13, 2009
Let me start off by saying how much I LOVE garlic. Would you like some garlic bread Janice? Why of course, thank you. Let me just add 50 cups of garlic salt to make this better. :) Because of my love for garlic Rick, his roommate Eddie, and I went to dinner last night at Ninniku-Ya Garlic Restaurant, where everything on their menu has garlic in it. YUM! The restaurant has a delightful ambiance, filled with christmas lights wrapped around palm trees, poinsettias on the tables, and a fountain with koi in it. The wait to get food was long,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2009 at Life Begins at 23
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Dec 10, 2009