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You all look like you are having so much fun. It's great to have much set up to enjoy the Canadian winter (especially for Mia and Henry). I guess it's the French influence that makes the food so yummy Rachelle, bet youve got lots of new ideas for cooking when you get home. Funicular looks amazing, and I'm amazed that you would go on it Rachelle. So good to see the family having fun together, something that everyone can enjoy as much as each other. The ice palace sounds really great. Take lots more pics. Love you all Mum and Grandma xxxxx
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Neat photos, looks like everyone had fun. Henry and Mia will no doubt be able to explain to me when they get home just what they are doing in some of the photos. Love mum and grandma
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2010 on Post Eight at USA
Hi darlings, The xmas photos are so precious. Love your hat Rachelle, looks cute. Thats the nicest photo I've sen of you and Rick together. There doesn't seem to be many other people around, guess you stay inside after living with the cold for your whole life. A Xmas to remember, everyone looks so happy, in real holiday mode. Keep having fun and loving each other, miss you Mum and Grandma xxxxxx
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Hi there, I saw on the net that Coney Is was all snowed under, bet its different in summer. Well you all know about snow now don't you, lots of fun but a bit restrictive in doing stuff.I wouldn't eat those chips either Mia they look disgusting. I'm so pleased Rick has experienced what must be for him a decent hotdog, looks as though he enjoyed it (them). It was nice to see a photo of you Rachelle, enjoying yourself with your little family, such good memories to have. I wouldn't have gone in the bubble either dear. Won't be long until you go to Montreal, always been a city I've wanted to go to, I'm sure you will enjoy. Aah some French food, bet you can't wait. Keep on having fun I love you and miss you all Mum and Grandma xxxxx
Toggle Commented Dec 26, 2009 on Post Six at USA
I see from the photos Henry has had a variety of moods and I swear he gets taller everytime I see him. Mia looks like she might have bought new clothes (good for you Mia) and Rick you must be feeling the cold does your new hat help, looks really warm. Where are the photos of you Rachelle?. I hear there is an ice storm on its way to NY, that will be a slippery experience. Keep having fun, Henry perhaps you could write Grandma a story of all the things you have liked and all the things you haven't like on your holiday, you might forget by the time you get hope and I'd love to hear from you. Look forward to mmore photos, Love and hugs for you all, Mum and Grandma. xxxx
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on Post Five at USA
Hi everyone, I have just worked out how to reply to your blog. Mia I like your two tone stockings, they look cute. I wonder if your cold is better Rachelle and hope no-one else has caught it. How was your trip to the children's Museum. Love and kisses, Mum and Grandma
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