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Jann White
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Ezekial 16:48 "Sodom and its nearby villages . . . were arrogant and spolt; they had everything they needed and still refused to help the poor and needy. They thought they were better than anyone else". Matthew says it will be better for Sodom in the day of judgment . In Matthew 25 we are told that the NATIONS will be judged and individuals separated on the basis of whether they feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome aliens, look after the sick, and visit those in prison, not because they are deemed as deserving (we are clearly told to judge not) , but because they are in need. Israel was rescued from slavery and oppression in Egypt and told repeatedly and in the strongest terms that their national status was NOT to be elitist, but to be representative of mercy. Jesus gave the same mandate to the church. Got that Ellie May?
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Mar 2, 2011