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Jan Studebaker
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I agree with fully with TechCrunch! I find it difficult to understand why anyone would drop Netflix for a couple of dollars a month increase, as the plan is still an Incredible bargain! I should add that some of us have had a price reduction.
I use Roku, and have signed up to several news channels. Available to all is Roku's "Newscaster" which I use nightly for very recent NBC, Brian William's feeds. The other shows available on "Newscaster" are generally less up-to-date, or are audio feeds only. "Democracy Now" (a separate channel) is also updated quickly after broadcast. "Fox News" has a channel that streams in real time, but is extremely right wing when it comes to politics. CNN International is a "private channel" that streams 100% of the time (Fox News is more limited time wise). You can use Google search to figure out how to sign-up.
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Aug 26, 2011