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This post highlights a key problem with the educational system in our country. I agree with everything here. We pay, or if we're lucky our parents pay, a ridiculous amount of money for a piece of paper and have no guarantee that anything will come of it. Luckily, I am in a specialized program where progress is tracked and expectations are set in order to make sure students graduate with the tools to succeed in our field. However, I can only think of a handful of other classmates that I believe can be successful. A majority just seem to go through the motions and have no drive towards success. I feel that a major problem lies in the fact that professors are settling for mediocracy. Sure, I had teachers that taught me the basics and were helpful during my first 2.5 years at college. Sadly though, it seems that as I near graduation the dedication to providing quality education has diminished (Ex: I have a prof this term who literaly has not taught a single class period & just sits in class for about 20 min. while we work on a mktg plan and then leaves). Thats not to say there aren't a few who are excellent, because I have some profs who are great. To me, Universities need to start researching this type of data from succesful students input. After all, at a place where you pay for higher learning, don't you expect the educators to help you learn?
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Mar 5, 2010