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Just listened this on my way to work this morning. Awesome, thanks.
Brings to mind the military side of things. Could you try giving a bit of details again, of the bigger shifts in warfare as they come to bear. By now it's... armored cavalry and a whole bunch of spearmen, some bowmen plinking about? I think there was something like this early on... I really should listen these through again. Going to be bow/crossbow heavy soon and then gunpowder and other neat stuff, which really changes the way things work.
Great episode! How the carolingian empires collapse lead to the "real" holy roman empire was always a fuzzy mystery to me. This era is still a horribly tangled up mess (aren't they all), but at least something got cleared up!
Dan Carlins Hardcore History is awesome. Not very many episodes available, but they tend to be on the long side. Death throes of the republic is a particular favourite. One of the favourites alongsides History of Rome and History of England.
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Dec 22, 2011