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@Dan and @Cate, I am afraid you are mistaken about Mecca. Destroying it will barely put a dent in Muslims' faith. Muslims do not see the Kaaba protected by Allah. They will simply build a new one! Instead of attacking Mecca, we have to insult Muhammad. And we have to do it by having an upper hand over the Muslims, that is, by being more powerful than Muslims. We have to do it this way because they only understand the language of power. This means that we have to vote out Cameron, McCain, and other dhimmis, and put groups like EDL into power. I am not sure if Islam can be completely destroyed, though we can certainly try. It CAN however, be *kicked out* of the west, and we desperately need to do this!
Tell them that that Quran is a CIA/Mossad creation to make Islam look bad! Tell them that Muhammad was a Mossad agent setting all the evil examples for Muslims, again to make Islam & Muslims look bad!
Point #13(xiii) says- "Enmity towards infidels is a must. It is part of our faith. Islam says the Muslims should stay away from the infidels and their countries." If you are an American/European/Indian Muslim reading this, all I can say is that you are such a bad believers! Islam clearly says to stay away from our countries and still you Muslims do not do so! Staying in our countries and refusing to leave is just like drinking alcohol and eating pork, don't you guys realize that? Read point#2! It clearly says to not lust after worldly things! But I guess the worldly things of infidel societies are so tempting, you can't obey Allah huh? What are you going to answer to Him on judgement day?? Have you not the slightest fear of hell? If you have got even a little shame, pack up and leave! Don't treat Islam like some cheap toilet paper!
'Muslims' ARE waking up?? That is very good news if correct! Congratulations to you, your friends, and your family for seeing the light! Please send a testimony to Ali Sina.
Because they are ignorant and ignorance is bliss! Unfortunately they don't care to learn either, and one day it will be too late to learn.
Whether one is safe or not as a moderate Muslim depends a lot on circumstances including how many Muslims there are in the area that is being attacked. In a non-Muslim area/country, simply being a Muslim and knowing basic things about Islam is usually sufficient for safety. How come, you may be wondering. Well because there are plenty of non-Muslims available to rape and kill. In a Muslim-majority country on the other hand, the radicals become more picky. Now one must be a Muslim from the right sect, or else s/he is a 'munafiq' (hypocrite) and is not safe. In Iraq, Sunnis kill Shittes every Friday. In Pakistan they attack/kill Shittes and Ahmedis all the time. What if you are in a society where everyone is a Muslim from the same sect? Then the radicals go after Muslims who are not radical enough. The Taliban did exactly this when they were ruling Afghanistan.
"When the early Muslims were busy doing arithmetic, your forefathers lived in caves" And then what happened? Began following Islam too much?? --------- "...Alshabaab kills more Muslims in Somalia than they did in Nairobi" Ok, so when are you and your mullahs going to hold 'firm protests' against Al-Shabab, as Muslims do against non-Muslims all the time?
In addition to Nidal Hasan's example, there is the Boston bombing which too happened for same reason. Russia had informed FBI about the elder Tsarnev's jihadist connections to Chechnya, but the FBI could not pursue their lead, because doing so would have meant investigating how Tsarnev saw jihad and Islam and their connection to terror. But looking for such connection is exactly what has been scrubbed from counter-terror training materials. Pamela has reported the consequences of this policy in multiple posts on this blog. You should be able to find plenty of articles here with some research.
This mall is located in the Westlands neighborhood of Nairobi, an area frequented by foreigners and wealthy Kenyans. From the reports that I have read so far the victims include a diplomat, relatives of top Govt officials, and a renowned poet of Ghana. The reason why I point out these things is that there are some people who have an attitude that if they make lots of money or establish successful careers in whatever "respectable" fields, they will be safe from the turmoils affecting this world including violent jihad. But the Nairobi mall attack is yet another proof that no one is safe from jihadis. Your wealth, status, or trying to pass yourself as Muslim is simply NOT going to protect you or your children! There are only two things that are going to protect us (and our children) from jihad, and that too in the long run- 1) Giving up cowardice and political correctness and correctly naming the enemy! People need to be brave and PC free even if it costs us our jobs and reputation! Because if we don't give up cowardice and PC, it will certainly cost us our freedoms, our dignity and our lives! 2) Going on a offensive against the enemy. Islam and its followers are not the only enemy. Their non-Muslim supporters are too! We need to say it on their face that they support evil and hold them responsible. Tempers will be high, there will be arguments and accusations, but shouting loud now and pointing the truth out to their face now is way better than not be able to anything later (either because we would be dead or our freedoms completely taken away. Only the above two listed things will assure our long term security and that of our children. Dedicating ourselves only to making money and gaining status will not! Just ask the victims of today's Kenyan attack, or the victims of Mumbai jihad attack for that matter.
Correction: **the taqiyya guidance that he receives...
"Obama is Kenyan, a native, so you might think ...... but his father (and stepfather) were Muslim; perhaps that is why he always comes down on the side of the jihad." Actually, even though Obama's biological father had a Muslim name, he was in fact an Atheist. According to wikipedia, his stepfather was a Muslim but of the liberal kind, and I think I do believe wikipedia's claim. Islam was in a decline in those years as Arabs didn't start generating oil wealth until the seventies(?). Western influence was much stronger in the urban third world than Islam. So I don't think we can call Obama Sr. a 'Muslim'. I also doubt if Obama was influenced much by his stepfather's Islam since he was fairly young at the time. He was 10 when he came back to Hawaii and started living with his maternal grandparents. I think that his fathers' faith is only a minor reason for Obama's affinity towards Muslims. The major reason is the guidance that he receives from all the Sunnis who have infiltrated the upper echelons of US Govt. Remember that even George W Bush wanted Americans to see Islam as any other religion, and Muslims as any other people!
"I used to be Muslim for 4 years. While I read Quran 3-4x." "used to be"? Did you leave Islam? Why? ----------- "In Islam you're supposed to be there for your wife and kids." ...unless there is a call for Jihad! Jihad is what is most important duty in Islam, not wife or kids! Therefore from Islamic point of view, Muslims going to Syria to fight makes 100% sense!
Hi, I understand the feeling but there is certainly something that you can do even if things look hopeless. Please join the local chapter of ACT for America. If you cannot, then at least pay regular attention to what they are doing. If you love your country and if you love your children who are going to inherit it, then getting depressed is NOT an option. We have to do something even if it is little. One of the very effective things to do imo is to start a Facebook page that points out what the local Muslim leaders in your area are up to!
Why would Israel attack US?? Even if they had the balls, Is there a reason for them to attack? Israel has nothing to do with what's going on in the US! It is the Americans (people, media, leaders) who have a problem remembering attacks on them, their soldiers, and their fellow citizens(that is, whenever a Islam-follower attacks them). So leave Israel out of the picture!
Ok now you are doing the worst form of distraction! The Civil War (← do you see the word 'war' there?) happened 152 years ago! The Fort Hood jihad attack happened a mere 4 years ago. And the US was NOT in a war in 2009, let alone a civil war! And you forgot to point out all the wars that happened in the US before the Civil War (with the native Indians for example). So given the context and the circumstances, Pamela Geller is correct and YOU are wrong!
Awww com'on... what is there to remember about Ft. Hood? Yeah there was some skirmish but it wasn't anything like it was worth mentioning, was it? And it is not like it had anything to do with Islam or Muslims.... it was, as our great President clearly told us without doubt, was workplace-violence! Here, I've got this 2 and ½ min interview with a US soldier who was there-
The only thing I agree with in your comment is that Pamela needs to research deeper into what she posts and refrain from over-exaggerating. Her enemies are already after her to destroy her credibility. Why feed them with things that they can easily use to prove their lies! Unfortunately, the rest of your post only shows your total ignorance of the dangers we are dealing with. Atlas Shrugged may be a fiction novel, but if you were paying attention you would see Atlas Shrugged happening in real life! Just in case you don't know, we are dealing with two major dangers- Islam, and its non-Muslim supporters (the group that you belong to!) who because of their warped understanding of things, actively keep others (the ones who do understand) from protecting society. Here is a perfect example of your naive understanding- "Third, your best argument is, "You can bet if I went to Sharia-land and demanded a Christian/Jewish/etc. place of worship they'd behead me in a second." Perhaps. THAT'S WHY WE LIVE IN THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE! Quit complaining about isolated moments of tolerance." What you fail to realize here is that the reason why those Sharia states put restrictions on others' places of worship is because they try hard to correctly follow Islam! If the number (and influence) of Islam-followers keeps growing in the US, we will no longer be LAND OF THE FREE! This land is FREE only as long as its brave citizens can keep it free! Once the US is no longer free, where would you move to next? Whereever you go, if you take with you the same attitude that you have towards Islam, pretty soon that place would no longer be free either! Do you understand this part? ------------------- "But, you're right, constitutionally you have the right to just hate and hate as the hate turns into lies that turn into fear that turns into what you all are, a mob of paranoid bullies." The reason why I prefer Pamela refrains from exaggerating and posting poorly researched stuff is because it gives people the excuse to say the above kind of BS about her and it sounds correct to any naives who curiously check out this site. -------------------- "If you hate Muslims for what the extremists have done, then you must hate white Christians for what Timothy McVeigh did." Timothy became a Christian after he committed his misdeeds! But even if he was a serious Christian before, what is it in the Bible that supports his actions? Also, how many Christians (Timothy was not one) have committed terror attacks ever since 2000 AD?? ------------------ "Jihad needs to be put down, not all Muslims are Jihadists." How do you put Jihad down without putting Islam down? If you had done research (instead of blindly believing what Islam apologists tell you), you would have known that Islam, Jihad, and Sharia are all one and the same thing! If you start your serious research now, here is the bottomline of what you will find- Islam- literally 'Submission'. Islam is the the theory of this religion! Who does the follower submit to? To Allah and to Allah's commands as given in the Quran! Sharia- Islam as practiced! Unlike other religions where the religious rules primarily only apply to prayer, worship, rituals etc, Sharia covers every part of a person's life, the family, and the nation! Personal behavior social behavior, national behavior etc all fall under the umbrella of Islam. There is NO separation of mosque and state in Islam! Jihad- to do whatever it takes to make sure that eventually Islam (Sharia) rules everything all over the world! Jihad is the very goal and purpose of being in Islam! Jihad is required of every muslim individual, muslim family, muslim clan, muslim tribe, muslim state, and ummah (the world body of Muslims)! So for you to say "....not all Muslims are jihadists" is naivete to the extreme! ------------- "Give it a rest you haters and get on with your lives." The day I no longer care about the future of my loved ones, my country, and the rest of humanity, is the day that I will follow that advice. Until then I will keep informing everyone of the evil nature of Islam and its followers. Today I strongly suggest to you that please please please, do some deep research and realize the danger that that the free world is facing! ------------- "First of all, most of you should be ashamed of yourselves,....." No, we are doing the right thing by exposing Islam and we are boldly PROUD of it! You should join us too! Your children too will be proud of having you as their ancestor!
This is a ridiculous poem, and it smells of supremacism! Why would any teacher give the ok to recite it over intercom, that too on Sept 11! With these kinds of teachers and principals in our schools, no wonder the younger generation today is so dumb!
The videos is fake and the story too has serious credibility issues! The beating in the video happened in Pakistan sometime in the past. Pamela, you should take down this blog post because this post can easily be used to smear your credibility.
The cleric's name is Harith bin Ghazi An-Nadhary. Ghazi? 'Ghazi' is the title given to a jihadi who has successfully killed non-Muslims in Ghazwa raids. A Muslim who has not killed, cannot have 'Ghazi' in his name. So from his name alone we know that he has is a murderer!
But..but I was told that Adhaan was the most beautiful sound on Earth. No wait..... BWWAAHAAHAAHAHAHA... +1 !
First of all I am really sorry for what happened with you. Hope you are better now. "There are other things you can go after the President for, but not women's rights or equality." Every single woman that I know voted for Obama, but I am afraid you women are not thinking deep enough. Obama zealously supports an ideology that gives no rights to women, so how can you say "President Obama is more on the side of women's rights"! Does it matter what his tongue says when his actions clearly show the opposite?
Ok, but just because she was there, does not give anyone the right to harm her in any way! The fault lies with all the non-Muslim grown-ups in Spain. They are the ones who are failing to keep the vicious animals in check, and to require their government to do so!
Hmm... well I am not that familiar with British society so I can only make some general comments- 1) If these confrontational and physically intimidating guys are the only ones opposing Islam and Muslims' influence on British society, then there has to be something RIGHT about them. Despite being aggressive they are wise enough to know that Islam needs to be opposed, AND they don't hesitate to come out and show their strength (as opposed to those polite and university educated MORONS who hide like dhimmis!) 2) Aggressive, confrontational men is what western societies need if they are to successfully neutralize Muslim males. Whereas women evolved to be caring, men evolved to be protective. I read a science article a few days ago and it explained that the very reason our hands are the way they are is because males protected their women and children by *fighting* others. What the EDL guys need is good, smart, and wise guidance, preferably through elders (or others who understand male psychology well) who know how to gain aggressive men's trust! As I said earlier, I do not know that much about UK society, but I have a strong feeling that EDL kind of groups are the only ones who are going to save your country from destruction. There are plenty of Sikhs in UK. Most of the Sikhs came out of the Hindu warrior class and they know how to tap into a man's aggressive, confrontational nature without turning them into anti-social men. In the 17th/18th century, the Sikhs not only successfully defeated the Muslims but also ruled the region despite the fact that Muslims were majority there! I strongly suggest that you go to their Gurdwaras and learn what the warrior part of Sikhism is all about. Then teach the same to your EDL men! For the sake of your country you need to do this!