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I was in a coffee shop a couple of years ago in chicago and there was a certain famous actress at the next table over from me. I was alone, with my coffee and also on my Blackberry, exchanging email with a colleague back home. I had been there before the famous actress came in and sat down. As she was on her phone, two younger girls came in, saw the actress and immediately sat where they could watch her. Seeing all of this, I saw the actress' eyes dart to the girls, especially when one of them made to take her picture with her phone. that's when the actress got up and moved to a table facing a wall and away from them. I have to admit, it's got to suck to be that recognizable and to see people on their phones, texting and telling everyone they saw you or to come hurry and see for themselves or taking pics or whatever. I don't envy the rich and famous at all. I really don't.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2010 on Personal to Albert Stern at Some Came Running
I read Wells daily. He's banned me once for calling him out on his seeming approval of child molestation by RP. It's all disgusting and criminal. Let's face it: For true film writing, I come here and other places before EVER going to somebody like Wells.
Ah, yet another reason to make me ponder a move to NYC.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2010 on Your messiah, now at Some Came Running
I can still remember a time when the only source of real, honest film criticism I could get was via Pauline Kael in the NEW YORKER at my small town library. I do agree that the internet as really killed the professional movie critic for the most part. I mean, when anybody with a keyboard can get in on the action, then why pay some guy a living wage to write about films?
That's good to know. Truth be told, I run pretty cold on CB but that still, honestly, kinda has me game to see this. I just never got why she was trying to shove "Rocco as Actor" down our throats (yeah, I know).
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2010 on Breillat's "Bluebeard" at Some Came Running
Glenn: Rocco Siffredi's not in this, is he?
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2010 on Breillat's "Bluebeard" at Some Came Running