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Ur right Jesse I can't handle it. When I was about to commit suicide because my father no longer wanted me, I saw his love for me. I've never met the guy? Indeed I haven't but when I was disappointed with my life and asked him to forgive me for being so weak and he did. Thousands of people in the satsang but it felt like he was talking to me. Specifically telling me it will be alright. Tell me should I visit a doctor? Am I insane. Yes I am. I am on medsfor depression and anxiety. I hope you fall in love with someone just like me. I hope at least for a fleeting moment god shows you the truth so you know what you took away from me. I can't handle it so I will get off the internet. Thank you for your care and concern. I was an idiot to believe that for once someone will understand me. You are no different from my father. If I am weak I don't deserve to live right?
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Can't you all stop please? 😭🙇🙏 This discussion is baseless. If radhasoami follow the wrong path according to you then let them. If atheists don't want to believe in spirituality, let them be. Can't we all mind our own business including me. It was the biggest mistake of my life to have read this. I wish I never did. I really don't give a damn about whatever fraud happened. All I know is that I have no one else. No reason to live. Without him I really wouldn't have survived all these years in a broken family. You wouldn't know but I do because he is the only family I have and the only one I can trust. Can't you elders go a little easy on us kids. I really hope that one day you come across the truth and that day you feel the guilt of what you did to me and all the other followers. I am not perfect and he accepts me as I am so why can't I accept him as he is? I will and I will love him till eternity. I really wish you could get in my brain and see what I have seen. Feel what I feel. Know what I do. If you think he is a false guru then why is it wrong? No atheist or normal human being loved me and tried to save me when I was about to take my life. He did. Fake or not perfect or not? As long as it is him I will live for him. So stop trying to tell me the reality you live in because I prefer to live in what you call fraud. It really makes me so so sad to see people I should be looking up to and learning from fighting like this and trying to force their ideals on each other.May god bless you.
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Hey, I'm just a kid so I don't know much about the topic u r discussing but aren't you all more concerned about the 'group' rather than what the purpose is? I have been a radhasoami since I was born and even before that. Maybe it is because of the culture difference or language difference but when u talk about all of this I cannot feel any of the vibes I would naturally feel when I am listening to a satsang. It has been 18 years of my life and no one in my family or during any of the satsangs did any one say that I will suffer in the afterlife if I don't follow this path. Trust me it comes naturally. Why focus on science and truth and being in a higher state when not even once u mentioned that all of this is because of a reason. That reason being our love for God. Do you love him? Do u trust him? If yes then why do u worry about what's happening with him(master)? You just need to focus on your love for God and he will not disappoint you. If you trust him he will not let u go on the wrong path. RSSB is a location where people come to seek guidance and not a religious group. It is not in any form religion. It is you your guru and God. No one else in between. If just anyone can go to that place (I'm not talking about beas but the place we are meditating to go to) then why would we be working hard? You are tested and it just requires a small ripple to break your trust apart then it is better if u don't meditate. Why can't you understand? Human brain is not enough to see everything if it was then rather than writing this blog you would have been a master. Did you follow everything that was said or did you mix it up with what other people said (they don't know any better than you if they can't guide you right) did you just follow the rules ( meant for your own good. You breaking them would not harm me or master) or did you meditate with all your desire? Did you ever for once succeed in meditation? Did you ever see master guiding you through the dark? Did you ever feel the mutual love of God? Did you ever cry just because you want to go back to him? If not then did you really experience what truly sant mat is? Did you experience his protection?( If you didn't then maybe your faith was not enough). It makes me sick that your point of view about RSSB is just this. It is so much more. Standing at the feet of mountain and you only notice rubble because your view isn't high enough. Trust me and take my word for it. I have been a radhasoami even in my previous life. My family from my mother's side has been into meditation since lives and they know what they talk about in satsangs. I don't blame you because if you haven't experienced it, it is easy to take it the wrong way. There is always a reason why he does things they way he does. It was fate to have seen this blog when I don't even check my phone for days. And it was fate that I commented on it when I usually don't even care. But I pity you really. No matter how much I type I cannot explain what sant mat is just by plain words. And a real satsangi won't be sad or broken hearted or angry at this post or any news about him because we know he will deal with it all because we trust his capabilities,what we need to focus is on meditating. We know his capabilities. I don't know if you have read it till the end but if you did then I thank you for putting effort in writing so much material so that I can comment on it. It doesn't matter if you get what I mean. But if you feel like you want to talk to me then I will love to have a talk with you( I highly doubt you would want to tho). May God show you the truth.
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Sep 18, 2018