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Jasmine Darrah
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what if I had a black great grandma? does that make me an eighth black? like, where does the blackness end and whiteness begin? and why is the color of skin so important anyway?
Ok, so the kid in the pictures definitely does not know anything about dreading white hair. Those dreadies are way too thick, and they look like crap (given). However.... I see a whole lotta hating on this site against white people with dreadlocks. My husband and I both have dreadlocks. I purposely cultivated mine, however all he had to do was let his hair do its own thing naturally. That means just not brushing it (however we do keep our hair clean). So, it's not true that we're "robbing your culture". Dreadlocks have never been exclusive to black people- they are all over the world in nearly every culture, especially indigenous ones. I wear mine as a sign of allegiance to indigeny, a symbol that I'm not allied to the "man" or a corp lackey, and also because I love them. So there. I have no interest in trying to "be black". Dreadlocks aren't "your" thing, sorry to say, so get over yourself.
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Jan 19, 2010