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Correction, PFC Restrepo started at 232B at Ft. Sam Houston and graduated with 232C. I happened to be on base throughout both phases and got to know the cadre around the entire base due to circumstances surrounding my injuries. Everyone respected and looked up to him - being held back did nothing but make him a better role model for new soldiers coming in from BCT. His dedicated and determination to help others did not falter after failing his first EMT-B test at 232B - he remained the same helpful man at 232C and managed to pass with flying colors.
I'll second that PFC Restrepo trained at Ft. Sill with us. I was in 4th Platoon "Aw nah, hell nah Rough Riders up an'...." well those who were there will remember. I was PV2 Jason Anderson - I struggled through most of BCT with a broken heel bone and PFC Restrepo was always there to lend an ear and offer support. He would never cease to have an upbeat attitude and put a smile on your face. PFC Restrepo sat with myself and my family at graduation - he graduated with honors and the second highest PT scores in our class at Ft. Sill. My mother remembers him fondly and was brought to tears when we found out about his death. A great man, a great soldier, a great medic - he did everything in his power to put the needs of others before his. I was with him throughout all of AIT (in both of his cycles) and he excelled at 232 B in his second cycle. Our cadre had nothing but good things to say about him. He loved his tooth brush, he loved soccer, he loved life - and he lived as an honorable man. He will be missed by me, by everyone that knew him. I hope his family has found closure in trying times. Rest in peace Restrepo - hope they have a special tooth brush for you up there.
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Jun 8, 2012