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"I’ll just note that there’s no inherent reason why this should be so." Actually, there is 1 reason I can think of. DVD rentals are protected by the first sale doctrine (which basically translates to, netflix can rent any DVD it can buy and the movie company can't complain and the most they can be charged is the cost of the DVD that everyone else pays for it), while streaming rights for their movies and TV shows have to be bought and those companies can charge whatever they deem the price of it to be. If the first sale doctrine is changed to also cover streaming though, then streaming will probably have more than DVD.
I think that pretty much anything that Michael Pachter says should basically be ignored. To quote him: "Netflix is a worthless piece of crap with really nice people running it," says Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities in Los Angeles Or back in 2005 when he was saying to buy blockbuster stock and sell netflix stock, because Netflix was going down, while Blockbuster was going to be bigger and better than ever.
You know gir, that actually makes sense. Hulu has facebook connections, that I'm guessing shares your video viewing (never tried it myself). I don't think they have been sued over sharing it.
@MrEks I think that depends on what you use to stream. With my apple TV, I get HD and 5.1 audio with the HD stuff on netflix.
I think you are being overly sensitive if you think this is netflix calling you a monkey. I think a closer comparison is Netflix is taking a name from Rampage (the video game).
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Jul 21, 2011