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Jason Annal
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Jan 21, 2012
This was my response to The Bastard Fairies posting a link to this blog article on Facebook. After reading some of the comments here, I wanted to add my two cents to these comments as well: The value of anything is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I've purchased music from The Bastard Fairies from their website and from Robin Davey's newer music project. I downloaded the BF's first album back in the MySpace days when you were giving it away. When you started to sell physical CDs, I purchased a signed copy from you and have more recently purchased digital copies of your newer music from your site. I think that is the smart play for the indy artist; to connect directly with their fans and sell them their music directly. The larger record labels are willing to take pennies from streaming services because the internet makes their entire business model obsolete. The indy artist shouldn't worry about what the "big guys" are doing because their time is coming to an end, IMHO. Even some well known artist have seen this and are selling their music directly to their fans without major record labels involved. Lets, also, not forget the pay earned from performance... there was a "music industry" before there was the technology to record and replay sound.
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Jan 21, 2012