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Jason Berkowitz
New York, NY
The Way SEO Changed Throughout The Last Decade If you're wondering how seo changed over the past decade, you need to understand that search engine optimization practices have completely changed. There was a time when search engine optimization meant completing webpages together with the keywords and phrases you had been targeting and look engines would rank your web site and send a great deal of traffic your path. Numerous techniques were prevalent in the search engine optimization industry at that time but things have completely changed over time. It won't be wrong to mention that search engines have successfully updated their algorithms to maintain the spammers far from their index. Within the earlier years, the only thing you necessary to rank high in the major search engines result pages was countless links from any type of domain. This gave rise to many people software programs that managed to get extremely an easy task to get all types of links with a few clicks. That had been also the time when Web 2. was taking shape and a lot of websites were available for spamming. The truth is, many of the websites that allowed anyone to produce a free blog was packed with spammers who used those websites just for creating backlinks for their other properties. This will likely even the time when article directories were very popular and Webmasters use to submit all kinds of content to article directories. There have been many successful software solutions available at that time that completely automated the article submission process to a huge selection of directories in just a few clicks. However, those days are gone and they days, if you follow those techniques, you will probably get a penalty from the search engines. It does not necessarily mean how the techniques that used to work earlier have completely gone away but these days, you should be extremely careful while creating links. A good slight mistake on your side may result in complete loss in rankings. If you search around the Internet, you will find that many Webmasters are continuously penalized by the major search engines for breaking their guidelines. Therefore, it is recommended to step away from spam and also other black hat search engine marketing techniques in order to rank your web site over the longer term. Some of the old techniques do give you results currently but only for a short moment of energy. The discharge of Google Panda, Google Penguin and launch of knowledge graph as well as other such changes by Google has completely upended the search engine optimization industry. Nowadays, the simplest way to rank your website in the major search engines result pages is to pay attention to providing useful information on the consumer. However, there exists a common misconception that search engines have grown to be so excellent at weeding out spammers that there is not any necessity for SEO consultants today. Nothing could be further in the truth. Actually, the demand for SEO consultants is much higher than ever while there is high competition in virtually every business vertical and SEO professionals know what to do to acquire high rankings with regard to their clients. One and only thing that has changed is the automated solutions that employed to function in the previous years usually do not work today. Today, you should do plenty of work to create high-quality content and also to spread that content all over the Internet to acquire high quality links utilizing Webmasters. You can no longer just push a few buttons and anticipate to get a huge number of links to your web page. While there are software programs that will get you a huge number of links with a few clicks but there is no worth of these links. These links may show inside the backlinks tool but you have to know that Google does not value these links. Really the only links that count today are the ones from highly authoritative domains in your niche. Another important change containing happened in the search engine optimization sector is that relevancy has emerged as a big factor. Within the earlier years, acquiring a few links from highly trusted domains even if these were not linked to your organization vertical, was enough to acquire high rankings. However, that is no longer the truth. These days, it's essential to get links from other authority domains with your business vertical. Links from press release sites also accustomed to matter a good deal inside the earlier years. However, updates by Google has completely killed this system. Inside the earlier years, there were many automated solutions that allowed you to definitely submit your press release to a few press release sites with a few clicks. In fact, there were also many services that used to accomplish it manually for any fee. Nowadays, you will be unlikely to have any benefit through getting links from press release sites. Article publication sites also accustomed to matter a great deal within the earlier years. However, Google discovered that Webmasters were spamming this content directories in order to get links even though the original goal of article submission sites would be to provide useful information to the people who have been searching for that information online. This article directories sensed the opportunity to generate income and allowed someone to submit all sorts of content on their own websites without paying any focus to the standard of the content. This led Google to devalue the hyperlinks from article directory sites. Actually, many article submission sites have shut shop over the years because they were struggling to sustain their business due to the penalties imposed by Google. Therefore, you are unlikely to obtain any value by submitting articles to various article directories today. There is a lot of misinformation posted online regarding the value of guest posts. A few of the Google employees also have commented that they are likely to devalue guest posts but which is incorrect. Guest posts have lots of value today only when it is posted on the true authority website. Since guest posts used to value a good deal, many individuals started creating huge network of internet sites that have been utilized to sell guest to willing buyers. By updating its algorithms, Google closed that loophole and also the guest posting blogs, where every article on a website was there only to provide a backlink, lost their value. Many public blog networks were also created during that time as a way to utilize this loophole. Once a number of these blog networks got too popular, Google quickly de-indexed every one of the websites present in the network and killed such blog networks overnight. This is especially true from the public blog networks that are still being shilled by a lot of on various online forums to leverage the Webmasters who don't know any better. However, also, it is vital that you mention here that seo is extremely much alive today but it involves plenty of work. As well as proper niche research, you should also focus on content. Content comes in various forms today. Therefore, it is important that you focus on creating content in a number of forms including video, infographics, interactive charts and long form articles. Your focus ought to be on serving the needs of you and content should not be created only to serve the requirements the various search engines. Together with premium quality content, you also need to focus efforts on growing your social media marketing profiles. While social media signals will not directly affect your rankings in the major search engines result pages but social websites accounts with huge following enable you to get good quality links by sharing your posts. Overall, the major search engines optimization game has completely changed over the past decade but Webmasters who have confidence in serving the needs of their users by supplying premium quality content frequently do not need to think about their search engine rankings. Webmasters need to purchase search engine optimisation services as there is lots of work linked to SEO today due to complexity of things involved. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to partner with a reliable and experienced search engine optimization agency that can take good care of your SEO needs while you concentrate on your core business.
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