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I appreciate all of your blogs, and words of wisdom, but I really took offense to this. As a small employer, we are very near and dear to all of our employees, really they are our family - we have grown up together, laughed together, cried together, and celebrated together. There is nothing tougher than laying people off, it isn't to make our numbers look better, it is a necessity of survival of the company. Is it better to have the entire company go down because you no longer have the work to justify that person, friend, co-worker? Or is it better for the rest of the team to have work. We have tried to minimize hours and keep as many people as possible, but when the work dwindled further, there is only so much water in the well, our pockets are not that deep that we can continue to pay people when there is not the work to support it. Now that the housing industry is recovering (although slowly), we can start to add back our old friends, find new ones, and build something together. While large organizations may do this cold heartedly, I think I can speak for the majority of small business owners, that this is never an easy decision or one that happens quickly. (and for some companies, not quickly enough) We all are not so fortunate to have high margin businesses that make money hand over fist. I would enjoy further discussion on this topic as it relates to small businesses and how to handle this situation and communicate it to the team so that they fully understand. We try to be open with our employees and help them understand the "why" of our decisions so that they are less resentful for the decision that is sometimes necessary for survival.
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Mar 13, 2013