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Jason Huffine
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Sorry... I should've also asked if the DocumentCollectionExtension.Add method involves the Editor as well as typically Document is leveraged by the Editor and not necessary with a side database type application.
Great, thanks. Would this address my second question then or is there a better way to ensure the drawing defaults apply when creating a drawing file in this manner?
This is very good. I have a two-fold question though: 1. Is it possible to do this based on a template without involving the editor? Or if you do have to use the editor, can it be done in a low-key way. In other words without me having to worry about AutoCAD caching a lot of memory to a document I want to use as a side database so that I can dispose and cleanup later. 2. When I do this, default properties are turned off. For example, if I create a new drawing from inside AutoCAD I get gridlines turned on. With this approach, they're turned off. Is there a way to turn the default settings on?
Curious... would this work if we retrieve a Database from an external drawing? In other words, not for the MDIActiveDocument?
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Jul 2, 2014