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Jason Mahon
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Just as a matter of fact: Her Majesty, the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth of the House of Windsor -- Is the living woman. versus HER MAJESTY, THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF ENGLAND -- Is the legal fiction, as body corporate - a corporation. The two are VERY different - one is the living woman, the other is the corporation that makes statutes and places charges against its citizens. Also known as 'THE CROWN', the legal person. Queen Elizabeth, the living woman never brings you to court, we are under that presumption. BUT DO NOT take my word for it -- in court ask: "In reference to 'the Crown', are you speaking of the woman, Queen Elizabeth of the House of Windsor or as your action suggest, is it corporation of the Crown, a legal fiction?" We have to remove all presumptions of the court, police, judges, etc. Jason
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Sep 12, 2011