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I don't get the vitriol lashed out at Instagram, and especially in the context of the history of photography. Instagram is simply a delivery platform. The whole ascendance of Leica was based on the tradeoff for portability exceeding 'image quality.' What about the pictorialists who deliberately eschewed from sharpness and other benchmarks of so-called 'quality.' The article also assumes that quality will matter in the future. What quality will we require? What is the viewing medium? It's not the art gallery, nor is it the magazine. Face it, even 2.7 MP images from a D1 were capable of running double-truck in print. A straight-from-the-camera iPhone image will run double-truck in Newsweek....oh, wait...nevermind. That's my point. The viewing device of the future will definitely be able to support the viewing of images we have today. And as time goes by, the viewing medium becomes physically smaller and we see it today. Whether it be the mass-market paperback or a tablet, the viewing medium can easily support images produced with current technology.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2012 on Instagram, the Devil, and You at Mostly True
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Nov 2, 2012