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Jason Pratt
Austin, TX
I have all the answers.
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Oh, yes and my PSPI? It's 88. A bit on the high side.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2009 on How much screen does one person need? at Connected
Right. I think the phone companies operate on the "Let's hope they don't notice the charge when they get the bill" philosophy. Bad idea.
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No kidding. I once made a call to Australia on my home office line. It was about a 30-minute call. I got a bill a month later from SBC telling me they were going to charge me $251 for that single call. First they wanted me to pay it (because I wasn't on the $5/mo "country plan" for Australia.) I told them that if they were successful in getting $251 from me for that phone call, that it would be the last penny they ever saw from me or my family for the rest of my life. :) And phone companies wonder why things like Skype are so popular...I think people hate overage charges more than just about anything else... It worked, I didn't have to pay the bill.
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Scott normally what I do whenever this happens is call them and ask for the "customer retention" dept. Then I just say, "Hey I know we went over last month but here's what I want you to do. I want you to go back one month and put me on that International unlimited plan for $9.99. I'll pay for last month even though I wasn't using it. In return, you take these charges off for this month, and replace them with $9.99, ok?" That has worked for me every time, when I was not on unlimited plans and went over my minutes, or whatever. You can call back later and cancel the $9.99 plan so you aren't being charged for it down the road...
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David, I have this exact problem with Microsoft Windows - it always wants to re-authorize when I switch from Boot Camp to Parallels or vice-versa. All software companies (Autodesk included) are working on better engineering and legal solutions to the issue. Virtualization is here to stay. And with regards to iphonephan's comment about this being pure marketing - I would say the announcement is about Autodesk providing official support for Boot Camp. In other words, if we find out you're running AutoCAD on a Mac with Boot Camp, we're not going to tell you, "That configuration is unsupported - sorry we can't help you." In future, as the release says, virtualized instances of our software will also be "supported." So no, we did not engineer anything new to make this possible, but I think it shows that Autodesk is extending a big hand to those who want to run our software on Mac hardware.
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Clarifying on the fuel tank story: Not sure if Buzz knew the story, which is maybe why he didn't write about it. FWIW, I learned this just this past Sunday from a person who was involved heavily in the Mission Planning part of the Apollo 11 missions, a friend's dad who was a NASA contractor at the time. Another piece of trivia: Neil Armstrong is notoriously reclusive about his role in the Moon landing. He does not want to take any credit or attention, he wants to focus it on the team and the engineers also. So here's the story - the astronauts were always involved in the design of every mission's patch. The patches were worn by the crew, and were given to lots of contractors and mission personnel, put on jackets, etc. Every Apollo patch has the names of the crew on it, except for two. The first is Apollo 11, for which Armstrong was the commander. He wanted the focus to be on the *mission, not the crew*. Although it is not confirmed, it is rumored that Armstrong's insistence led to Apollo 11 being the first of the official NASA Apollo patches not to have the names of the crew on it. The other one? The ill-fated Apollo 13.
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