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Specifics about UMS use of funds is available here: The public discrepancy over how UMS allocates its funding has been ongoing. Ron Mosley, a business and law professor at the University of Maine Machias, told the Bangor Daily News in March of 2012 that “almost $54 million was being invested in new capital projects” that year, even as AFUM and the Board of Trustees were engaged in an 18-month standoff over a new labor contract agreement. Read more:
I think that you are right, and your point is the missing link explain why majors and not enrollments are the criteria for the elimination of programs and departments. However, I would only reiterate that USM's new core makes it difficult to use adjuncts to teach these courses. Not because adjuncts are not capable, but because team designed interdisciplinary courses demands long term faculty commitment and development. This is one of its strengths.
“Whenever you have a 'southern' or a 'northern' or an 'eastern' or a 'western' before an institution's name, you know it will be wildly underfunded." –Richard Russo On March nineteenth the Chancellor of the University of Maine System, as well as the President, and select members of the Board of... Continue reading
Full disclosure: I met Jeremy Gilbert at a Deleuze conference in Wales in the summer of 2008. He gave an interesting paper on Deleuze, Guattari, and Gramsci and I ended up talking to him at pub. The conversation was one of shared interests that went beyond Deleuze, it was a... Continue reading
“The reading of Capital, coming after the Hegelian philosophy of history, appears thus as an immense demonstration of the fact that much of the violence at work in history has been ignored or denied by Hegel, as by all of the representatives of the ideology of progress, despite their dialectical ambitions.” Continue reading
Thanks, this looks great. I am very interested in this shift from the relationship between Spinoza and Marxism (Althusser, Negri, etc.) to an examination of the relationship between Spinoza and Marx. Especially since, as in the case of this book, the relationship is primarily one of connection and overlap rather than lineage or influence. I will definitely pick this up.
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Sep 11, 2010