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Yes, the Bush spend and spend (rather than tax and spend) economy certainly puts the US in a much better position to address debt. Also, anyone have any answers regarding Bush admin. stifling govt scientists. Thought not. Ever wonder why there have been no terrorist attacks on Holland, quite possibly the most liberal society on Earth. (unlike American psuedo-freedom)
As for the Islamists only hating America for their freedom. If this were true, there would be many more terrorist attacks in Holland than in the US. Anyways, here is a fine example of Bush-brand democracy at work. Ah, the land of the free. Bush - Who said Republicans are against science...psuedo-science is what we are all about.
Don't forget the other indicator of success: the largest deficit in human history ANY nation has ever had. Ahhh...don't mind if I sit back and watch this plane go down in flames.