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hehehe ~ not possible for winning ~ but one my lifescoop-account-less friend came up with ~ "i didn't want to tell you when you left the house, but the painters had a bit of an accident...they've botched the front door and spilled pain on your favorite shoes"
Hey guys ~ so bummed ~ sorry about the formatting ~ not sure why it ate all my line breaks and links aren't linky! Also wanted to share a bunch of awesome screen clips to help inspire you, but those weren't allowed either! Get creative though... the film is just stunning!
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Jul 6, 2010
hahaha ~ you guys are the best ~ love all your comments so far! :)
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Mar 15, 2010
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CAPTION CONTEST TIME!!! For prizes of course ~ are you ready? You have the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! So what's the deal? Come up with a caption in the comments ~ and we'll pick a winner ~ entries close midnight March 17th PST! Now ~ about this crazy picture ~ it's is the result of my participation with 's new ThinkCorps ~ playing around with the next generation of Stock Photography... and there is so much totally bizarro stock photography out there, this one cracked me up... it has so many of my favorite things in there... the iconic egg chair... on the beach... being tethered to my laptop... so WHAT is he THINKING???? Happy Monday (and the ides of march... so beware!) ~ can't wait to see your witty responses! Full rules here:
Mar 15, 2010
p.s. imaginary gold star for anyone who can identify this guy, or knows where i took his pic... ;)
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Sounds silly doesn't it? But its true!!! MyLifeScoop has invited me to come play with a caption contest here ~ and we'll give one lucky witty commenter a $50 Gift Card from Amazon. So tell me this: What IS this crazy steampunked out little guy thinking??? (please leave your brilliant insight in the comments as your entry!) Last chance to enter is 12/17/2009 midnight PST. Sadly, they've made this one for US residents only, please. As for official rules, read them here:
Dec 16, 2009
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Nov 28, 2009