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Perhaps a recently-filled saddle tank from a semi developed a large leak. They hold ~450 L when full.
I saw a Corvette on Main Street in Markham about 25-30 years ago with "R SOLE" ... I honestly did, and I have no idea how he got it past the censors.
I am renting a Jeep Grand Cherokee while vacationing in southern Ontario for the American Le Mans Series weekend at Mosport (aside: I cannot call it by its new name, it will always be Mosport to me, as it was when I was growing up at Moss Corner in the 70s and 80s) and some other side trips. It (the Jeep) has this stupid transponder key system too. Several times when I was camping at the race track, I feared I'd lock it inside the car - though the manual (yes, I read it!) says that the car would give me 2 chances to retrieve the key if I tried to lock it inside, then it would dutifully lock up the car regardless of where the key was. I had the opposite problem you did - when I get out of the vehicle, close the door, and push the little button on the handle to try to lock the car up, it still believes the key in my pants pocket is "inside" the car. I have surely looked like an idiot all weekend standing over a meter away from the car and leaning over, stretching out my arm, to tap the lock button. (Yes, I know I could use the button on the key to lock it.. but that would defeat the purpose of leaving it in my pocket in the first place!)
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Jul 25, 2012