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Great idea Noor. Change Netflix to Netkids and lose all subscribers except those under 12 and and those with IQ's under 100. I live in a retirement community and everyone I know uses Netflix. If we created a model it would begin with movies from the 1940's and end with those before the year 2000! And throw in lots of the old TV shows such as ER, Ben Casey, and Mr. Novak. Absolutely ridiculous to think that only one segment of the population should be catered to. The beauty of Netflix now is that there is something for everybody.
Isn't that wonderful! Just turn on the netflix and let kids sit all day watching movies and shows. They should be outside playing and being involved in activities. Don't you ever think you might be raising a generation of couch potatoes? Plenty of time to sit and vegetate in old age when there's not much else you can do. Of course it is much easier on the parents to use a tv as a baby sitter instead of taking children to soccer, baseball, hockey practice or dancing lessons. I'm glad I raised my family before this electronic age.
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Aug 17, 2011