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Another view at the AIPAD. The flip side. Prior to the show, I had been in touch with Janet Russek(Schienbaum & Russek) regarding a Bullock print I was interested in. I had no prior contact with her, and she didn't know me from a cold stone. After seeing the Bullock, I decided to take a pass. After going through the show, I walked by her booth again to take another look at the print, and came to the same conclusion. No sales pressure, no hype, no trying to move me to another print. As I was leaving, and after thanking her for her time, she identified another dealer(needless to say, a competitor) who had a Bullock print which she thought I might like. There was nothing in it for her, other than her desire to help me locate a fine quality Bullock print, as I was not even a client. It was heartening to deal with a professional with values based in community instead of personal profit.