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In general, I agree that the issue is institutional, though I would dig even deeper and say the problem, ultimately, is one of mindset. For generations, we've been conditioned to think linearly, with predictable changes and growth curves. Technology and the internet, however, are progressing exponentially, often in chaotic fits and spurts. The gap between these the linear and exponential mindsets, though slight at first, is widening. As a result, our current institutions, models and structural concepts are stretched to the breaking point. As you articulate very well, there is a growing disconnect between the institutional architectures we've developed since the industrial age and what is needed today. I appreciate thinkers, like yourself, who've identified these trends and can articulate them to help spread the message. Unfortunately, these are radically new concepts to most individuals, particularly those most affected by these changes, and I've seen little substantive discussion about this in the popular media today. Are you seeing business leaders embracing the pull mindset or it is still an edge concept? Thanks for the thought-provoking blog post!
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Aug 22, 2012