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Travel != "fly". Nothing is stopping anyone from traveling. There is NO "right to fly".
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Sorry Wil, you're taking a Conservatwit mentality here. Let's set some facts straight: There are no nude scans being taken. An embossed image of you is not a nude picture. Your features and details are not identifiable. If it was truly nude, there would already be a Playboy segment showing all the hottest female celebrity "airport nudes!" Hasn't happened, huh? The radiation fears have been dismissed countless times. You know bananas and much of the rest of the food you eat is irradiated, right? You get more radiation from eating a banana. You're right they don't have a right to touch you inappropriately, but how did you determine that? They felt your crotch? Name another way to guarantee you have no underwear of doom on, as has been attempted. The guy touching you is no more into it than you are. Where's the outrage over your doctor? They see you ACTUALLY nude, and even handle your most intimate parts. Why is this not an outrage? Can't doctors respect your privacy, do their jobs with you fully clothed? Obviously not- just like the TSA needs to pat you down & use scans. I haven't flown since 9/11 because at first we did nothing to improve safety. Now we're finally being vigilant, and I can't fly because of people like you overreacting. If you have to step into a room nude and get an orifice check to fly, it's worth more than me blowing up because you are prudish or whining about imagined rights. Because of the fearmongering, I can't visit my family in another state, because the authorities are doing a half-assed job worried about offending people. You say you have to fly... Then you have to follow the rules to keep us ALL safe. Until there's a better way, we have to sacrifice some freedoms on some occasions. *edited for iPod damnyouautocorrect errors)
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Ah, maybe it's just the impact of having had a terrible past decade+ (when my life has been ruined by other people's actions), or some brilliant life lesson I've learned as I rapidly near 40, but... ...I just don't care what other people have to think about things anymore. I find most people, even when you're clearly in the right on an issue, will find some way through their jaded, "everything sucks" mentality to try to bust on you for it. All that matters is what YOU know is true is true, and what you do. Other people, especially on Twitter with 140 characters, take what you say entirely out of context and tone more often than not. Conversely, too many people don't communicate clearly enough (or use proper language) to understand, thus creating confusion for those reading. My point? If you feel someone was unjustly calling you out- even if that might not have been the case?- you're entitled to go WILSMASH on them AND use the "I'm Wil Wheaton" card. Keep doin' watcha do.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2010 on in which wil goes HULK SMASH at WWdN: In Exile
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Course, there's no one to help those of us with special circumstances. I have incurable Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I'm medicated, but that just lets me leave the house. I can't travel, I can't work with people, I can't work physical labor, and so on. I was denied disability because I can "watch a TV show". I do not want to, nor can I, move. My career was niche (virtual reality development) and does not translate to other web or computer jobs. I'm 38, so already facing age discrimination in relationship to those right out of college. I can't go to school- I have a degree and can't get a Pell Grant, and can't get a loan because my credit was destroyed by a former employer failing to pay me wages owed before going bankrupt. I can't network, as I can't meet new people or go to new/strange places. So I ask, what can *I* do to get income? Been working on it 8 years so far with no success.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on Where the Jobs Are Now at Free Money Finance
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