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Jayne Miller
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so glad you are back! love your writing style and perspectives....sense of humor/sarcasm too!
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2013 on "So, where the hell did you go?" at BoomerBlix
Hi Pam: Again an insightful piece with beautiful turns of phrase....Dave Morrison and his calliope were part of the parade each year and he always said that the planning committee had researched the historical accuracy of its being the oldest and largest parade in CA...we have a small parade in Redlands each year but a huge municipal fireworks display that friends who grew up in DC say is better than the fireworks shows on the Washington Mall! We will get up early tom'w for the parade and eat lunch near the bandstand where the 4th of July Band plays 2 concerts and enjoy the patriotic feel of the day and the pride our city takes in honoring our country and those who serve! It is supposed to be 103 here tom'w so we will likely watch the fireworks from a hillside locale rather than fight the crowds at the U of R Stadium. I hope that you have a glorious celebration at the parade and remember your Grandma who you brought to life for all of us who read your wonderful blog! Well done!
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2011 on I Love A Parade! at A Listed Life: To Muse & Amuse
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