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Jaynie Dillon Jones
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Blatherwatch has provided endless enjoyment; hard to believe it has been a part of my life for five years already. Long may ye reign!
Finally, an explanation for his arrogance...
I'm sorry for Dennis to have lost his job. He's a decent guy who has given it his best. I feel sorry for anyone who loses their job in today's job climate. It won't be easy to find another gig.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on Dennis kelly: gone from KVI/KOMO at BlatherWatch
I had left KOMO and broadcasting in October of '90, but decided after about an 18-month hiatus to give it another whirl. June 3, 1992 I emerged from a promising interview for a news job at Channel 11, Tacoma, when I flipped the radio on in the car and heard a breaking news bulletin that Hardwick was dead...not just dead, but that he had killed himself. Numb with shock, I retreated to home, and decided that I might not ever want to return to the air. Hardwick's death profoundly affected me. He was phenomenal and to think that the whims of this industry crushed the life out of him was truly sorrowful; such a loss and a waste. Hardwick was and always will be a legendary figure.
I just read in a Facebook post that Angela Kirby is now only allowed to use her first name on the air so she's just "Angela" now.
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Posted Jan 25, 2010 at Jaynie Dillon Jones's blog
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Jan 25, 2010